Wednesday, 11 April 2018

You can print on anything!

Yay! Its time for another Gel Press video from me, for the print to project series. This time I am showing you how I print on anything! Yes, it doesn't always have to be top quality cardstock - here I am printing on cereal boxes, balsa wood, a disposable up and even a tea bag.

The printing technique is very simple this time, proving that things don/t have to be complicated to be effective. Here are some of the finished makes:

The feathers (bird and butterfly) are watercolour art parts by Joggles.

A printed tea bag.

A take away disposable paper water cup from a department store.

An old piece of Grunge paper I had lying around. Wearable art!

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Part 2 shows my finishing process and will be published on Saturday.

Thanks for watching! :-)


  1. They're fabulous! So simple, yet so effective. I can't wait to see part two.

  2. Part 2 will be on-line this Saturday!

  3. Loved your ideas! Going to Joggles to pick up some feathers!

  4. Love tua video! I love gel press.


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