Saturday, 6 January 2018

Happy new year!

Happy new year! I am just about beginning to crawl out of my post-Christmas slump and get going again ready for 2018. Every year,over the Christmas period I seem to sink into hibernation mode and it's very hard to get out of, but yesterday I was teaching a Gel Press class at Art from the Heart which was a great motivator to get up and going again.

We used lots of layers of colour, and different stencils to build up funky, bright, colourful backgrounds. The Gel Press is a great and easy way to build up multi-layered backgrounds :-)

Here's another background I prepped for the class. It's not finished as an art journal page yet .... but I will finish it one day!

And during the class I created these backgrounds as samples. Again unfinished, but it gives me something to do!

And in other news ... guess where I'm going in January? Yay! I'll her heading to Phoenix, Arizona, to demo on the Gel Press stand - booth 1924. Hopefully I will see some of you there. Let's just say I'm verrrrrrryyyyy excited about this :-)))


  1. Oh how exciting for you, Kate. Well done. Happy New Year X

  2. woo hoo!! what great news! just been watching some of your gel press videos.. must get mine out of the packet!

  3. Sweet! These are lovely. Have a wonderful time in Phoenix!!

  4. they are alain beautiful like always. Love the coloristen design.
    ooh you go to Phoenix, Arizona. Succes
    xxx chantal

  5. Great backgrounds Kate. Love the layering. Have a great time in Phoenix!

  6. Happy New Year Kate! I love coming here because your oodles of layers and colors make me so happy! Been playing with my gel plates too lately :) Too bad I can't see you do your thing in person...

  7. Kate, your background samples are beautiful (as always!). Phoenix is a once in a lifetime trip for me, I will definitely visit the Gel Press stand to say hello!! It is so exciting!! Anne xx

    1. Ooh I'll look forward to seeing you there! Do stop by and say Hello! Are you working at the show, or visiting?

  8. These prints are a lot darker than your usual. Cannot travel to AZ in January . It is a great time of the year to be there.

  9. Fantastic Kate bet you are extremely excited. Well done and enjoy xx

  10. Happy New Year Kate! I hope you have a great time in the USA! I hope to get to another workshop of yours sometime this year. Stef x


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