Saturday, 9 September 2017

Messy colourful art journaling!

Stamp: Everything Art no.6 for Paper Artsy

Well, I've had a wonderful busy summer, spending some quality time with my family, but just like that, the summer is over. This week saw everyone going back to school (including me, although on reduced hours this year) and suddenly the house feels quiet .... and calm ... errr, and tidy!

So, it's back to a bit of creative time for me :-)

I taught my regular art journaling class at Art from the Heart yesterday, and we always have lots  of
laughs along the way. And biscuits, and tea. I taught this messy colourful page, as I am encouraging both myself and others to really 'let go' and be a bit less interested in the outcome and enjoy the process.

I used the Everything Art no.6 stamp set for Paper Artsy (which I LOVE BTW!) as well as acrylic paints, my white Signo Uniball pen and of course a touch of Stickles, which is my latest obsession.

First of all I added a collage butterfly but then I wanted to add the feather. Which meant that the feather was in the 'wrong' place. But then I thought, hang on, who says it's wrong? If I like it, it's ok! So I stuck it down in the 'wrong' place and gave myself a pat on the back for embracing the 'no mistakes' approach to art journaling. Rule of thirds? Pah!

And I'm very happy to say that my regular art journaling buddies at Art from the Heart totally embraced this unruly, messy way of working and produced some fantastic pages which I am uber proud of. Fuelled by chocolate biscuits and tea of course. Here they are in the new-look, totally re-organised studio at Art from the Heart (doesn't it look fabulous?!)

And here are few progress pics of some fabulous art:

by Angela

by Jeanine 

By Bev

By Colleen

By Catherine

And finally, the final challenge for the International Tournament of Art and Craft has been announced. Wow! What a wonderful challenge this has been! For all of the details, have a look here. Hope you can join us.


  1. you are on my bucket list of classes to take!!! love these pages!

  2. Fabulous stamping faboules art your all so great and having a great time i can see

  3. Always love to see a new post from you and you haven't disappointed me yet! Love this new piece and all of the students work is gorgeous too. What a wonderful mess on the table! Looks like fun.


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