Wednesday, 2 August 2017

Exciting things ahead .... !

Well as usual I am up to something .... ! Exciting things keep coming along and I am always so happy to be a part of it. Over at AALL and Create things are happening this summer, so if you need a little something to keep your mojo alive then you need to take a peek. The details will be revealed *here*
Here is a little puzzle ... can you guess from the puzzle who else is involved? Exciting!

And here's a bit more info from AALL & Create:

As the seasons slowly pass and change, we need a little something to inspire us! Make us forget how hot or cold it may be! Something for us to look forward to!!!
So here at AALL & Create we have been spending that time plotting and planning for our next adventure. So what creative ideas are we brewing? What new project do you think we have got up our sleeves after our online workshops and our exclusive products?

Oh yes, we want to pique your curiosity! See if you can guess what we are about to reveal!
Tic Tac Tic Tac the countdown has begun!

We will be dropping a few clues here and there, on this page, on our Facebook page and group, on Instagram, Newsletter… Keep your eyes on your social media and subscribe to the newsletter then you should have a good chance of putting together the pieces of the puzzle!


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