Monday, 27 March 2017

An angel in my art journal

Oh, I love a bit of colour! This page really just started out as a bit of pattern-building/mark-making, which is one of my favourite ways to create an art journal page.  I love the possibilities of just starting with a blank page, and then just playing with colour and see where it takes you.

I worked in my black square Dylusions journal and began by adding a scruffy coat of white gesso and then literally scribbling with my Distress crayons. Most of this gets covered up, but that's not the point. Scribbling is liberating, therapeutic, and most importantly the page is no longer a scary blank white.

After that I kept adding patches of colour, doodles, and also made marks with my *new* Dina Wakley tools. Love them!

Finally, after much playing I decided to add an angel. Angels have been a fairly regular visitor in my art journals ... especially faceless angels. They speak to me more. A face has expression so as soon as you look at it it is telling you something, whereas a faceless angel is open to interpretation.

Finally I added a collaged crown and heart and then typed the quote 'i love me' over and over to add to the face. Practising a little self love. I don't want you all to think that I really DO love me. Sometime I think I'm alright and sometimes I think I'm not (errrrr ... don't we all?!) helped along my my erratic middle aged hormones no doubt. 

I do know that I could do with giving myself a break once in a while, being a little less self-critical. So, here is a little reminder to myself.

Byeee for now!


  1. What a LOVELY journal adventure Kate. I love the sentiment because sometimes it seems to me that we need to do just that... repeat I LOVE ME over and over. For me... it's often a challenge to love the parts of me that seems so unlovable!!! And YES YES - you definitely added "a bit of color"!!! And what a GORGEOUS mix of colors and unique marks you achieved. Thanks bunches for starting my week off with super inspiration. Xj.

  2. Love this! Thanks for the step by step!
    Hugs, Yvon

  3. gorgeous page! amazing to see where a scribble gets you!

  4. Beautiful Kate from start to finish I love the mark making, colour blending, doodling, patterns, drawing and collaging. Your faceless angel and repeated saying looks amazing xxx

  5. What a great idea to start with scribbles! Blank white pages can be somewhat intimidating so I am going to try this idea - thanks so much for the inspiration and for sharing your beautiful page, the colours are stunning! x

    1. Thank you! The colours are the media paints by Dina Wakley, and Distress crayons by Ranger.

  6. I love this, Kate. I also love no faces. Or just eyes. And I love colour. And play. And me!
    Ok, maybe not really me, but I do love this.
    *waits for Journal Soup 3*


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