Friday, 6 May 2016

More primitive styleee!

I so enjoyed painting a face Mindy Lacefield style that I had to do another one! I was helped along by these fabulous cards that Mindy has in her shop. I've still got a long way to go in my learning but I'm enjoying the process :-)

Here's how the background looked before I painted over it:

I decided to do another primitive style painting but this time I painted a little boat ornament that sits on my bathroom window sill. Ha! Inspiration is everywhere!

And this is how the very busy background looked before I painted over it. I just LOVE all this colour :-) Knowing that you are going to paint over a background and cover it up is very liberating.

Right, I'm off to enjoy some unusually good weather we are having here in the UK. Byeee!


  1. oh my gosh these are BRILLIANT Kate!!! As a lover of lots of color I appreciate your style so much:) I took one of Mindy's online classes and loved it! May need to get those cards...

  2. Ohhhh, it's just wonderful seeing Mindy Lacefield style with your "signature"!!! I'm off to Mindy's shop to check out those cards!! Thank you for the wonderful inspiration Kate. Yes, as you said in you post - inspiration is everywhere!!
    Wishing you a wonderful weekend and hope you enjoy the sun!!
    Greetings from southern Germany
    Michelle ♥

  3. Hi Kate, I love your girlie, she is gorgeous. I am practising faces from your Journal Soup videos..loving it, but need lots more practice! I love your funky little boat too :) xx

  4. oh she is so divine!! love all the neon color too. so so good!! thank you, love!!

    1. Ooh thank you Mindy :-) You are such an inspiration! Quite a few people have followed me to your etsy shop for the face cards ... !!

  5. Beautiful paintings. Love the boat one!


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