Wednesday, 23 March 2016

Journaling with colour.

Oooh, I just love a bit of colour! Often when choosing colours I just line up a few paint pots and then jiggle them around until I find a combination that I like. Yes, I know there are rules, but rules are there to be broken ;-)

I used Media Boards by Tando Creative for this little journal as they make great book covers, and they are fab for painting on. I added a concertina journal inside using water colour paper, and added a few back to back signatures for extra pages.


I've been getting all prepped and ready for the Ministry of Mixology weekend coming up soon - 9th - 10th April. It's going to be a fabulous event and I'm soooo excited. 

Here's a sneak peek of my project .....

Oh go on then, here's a bit more ......!

This event is now mostly sold out but I *think* there may be VERY limited places left on the Saturday. Check here for all the details.

Byee for now.....


  1. Absolutely gorgeous Kate. So vibrant ... so you!

  2. LOVE the mini journal! Did you make the accordion pages yourself? So cute!
    Wish I lived in the UK would love to attend one of your classes ��

  3. Looks fabulous Kate, love the riot of colour, just a shame I can't be with you for Mixology. Have fun xx

  4. "I just love a bit of color" is certainly an understatement!! If just a bit of color was all you had I might not visit here so often. I love lots and lots of color and love coming here to see how you have used it.

  5. Lovely riot of colour and design, as ever!!! :o) xxx

  6. The mini journal is cuteness personified!!!

  7. Thanks for the gorgeous sneaky peek! I'm so looking forward to joining you on Saturday 9th at the MM. Retreat. Looking forward to some colourful playtime ! X

  8. ooh lovely make-so wish there were retreats like this 'down south'
    Have fun


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