Sunday, 3 January 2016

Happy New Year!

Well, what a year 2015 was! I think it's time for a round up of the last 12 months ...

Last new year I decided I wasn't going to make any new year's resolutions as I never manage to keep them anyway. Instead I decided to jot down good and positive things that happened throughout the year and save it until the following new year to open. I even managed not to peek all year! 

Opening it all out to read was actually quite exciting, and also very surprising. It is amazing just how much stuff we forget, or don't actually realise happened in the last year. Sometimes things seem like they happened ages ago, and yet it was all in the last 12 months.

If you haven't done this before, I really recommend it. It's very quick to do and easy to keep on top of, and a lovely thing to look forward to next new year.

2015 was the year that I had my first ever stamps published for Stampotique Originals. I can't even begin to tell you how exciting it is to see your art in rubber! One of the best things was seeing what the fabulously talented Design Team came up with. You can see their lovely art *here*

Here's a few of my makes from during the last year using my own stamps:

Of course I have always had a bit of a soft spot for Stampotique Originals and use them often in my journal pages:

Throughout the year I have continued to mess about in my journal, and sometimes just on recycled card (can't resist an old cereal box!):

I started to make art in the new Dylusions black journal which surprisingly makes your paints appear really bright!

  An angel for Christmas:

And something new for me - painting mandalas with my *new* DecoArt fluid acrylics.  Love!

My lovely friend Mell ALWAYS manages to inspire me and get me hooked on new things. For my birthday back in July she gave me a lovely planner which set me off on a new creative direction. Love planners! And they are so portable, and kept me well occupied during family holidays and travels during the summer months:

Throughout the year I have continued to teach art at various locations, and I am always very grateful for the wonderful enthusiastic response I receive. It is always a great honour and pleasure to share this artistic journey, and I'm looking forward to lots more classes during 2016. You can see all the details *here* And if you are heading to the Stitches Trade Show in February at the NEC, Birmingham, you might just see me there!

The Artistic Stamper, Kent

Frodsham, Cheshire

Art from the Heart, Harrogate UK

The Stamp Attic, Oxford

It's Crafting Time, Cambridge

Rossendale, Lancs

I also did a bit more filming of classes. I filmed my new Marvelous Miniatures class, and also my class for the awesome Wanderlust. Eeks! Very happy to be a part of this!

And there were a few things I wanted to try in 2015 ... 

1   Bookbinding ... yes, I took a workshop and learned how to bind books! Still more to learn but at least I made a start.

2   I wanted to make art on a bigger scale ... no, I failed miserably on this. Still there's always another year. 

3   I wanted to learn how to crochet ... Yes, I did this! Although I have been a knitter all my life I wanted to crochet, but more specifically I wanted to crochet blankets from the Attic 24 blog. I got myself a book, I looked on you tube and I did it :-) 
(Thanks to my friends - Wendy, Gez, and Angie for inspiring me and cheering me on!)

Over Christmas and New Year I tend to shut down and hibernate, and focus on family, as family time is so so precious. My youngest turned 13 this summer so now I have TWO teenagers in the house (yikes!) This has made me even more aware of how quickly time flies, and the importance of spending time with each other (before they flee the nest ... I can hardly even think about that). 

But now, as we enter the new year it feels like it's time to come out of hiding and get going again. 

I wish you all a fabulous 2016 filled with love, happy times and good health. And colour. Everyone needs lots of colour in their life ;-)


  1. Happy New Year Kate! Your work has been so fabulous this year and I can't wait to see your class on Wanderlust! I have to admit... I signed up for it because you were teaching. :D

  2. Happy new year Kate. Great post and I can't believe you only learned to crochet this year. Wonderful blankets! I bought an Attic 24 blanket kit for my daughter for Christmas. Hope hers look as good.
    Looking forward to your Wanderlust project next week!

  3. Happy New Year to you, always so inspiring :)

  4. That's a lovely post makes me smile 😃
    Happy craftin

  5. Fabulous to see a review of your work. Also I love the idea of the jar ... I saw that idea on FB yesterday & thought I would give it a try , it's nice to read of someone who has already tried it xx

  6. Happy new year Kate!! ( happy Christmas too!) your art is fabulous and your crochet is awesome!! Your one talented lady!! Wishing you lots of wonderful things for 2016!! Sending hugs xx Kaz xx

  7. Happy New Year Kate, looking forward to seeing you again down sarf! in 2016.

  8. What an amazingly creative year Kate. And such incredibly beautiful art. Congrats on the stamp line too! May 2016 bring you much happiness!

    1. Well thank you so much Seth! I will treasure those words :-))

  9. Happy 2016 to you too! It's lovely to see the art you made last year in one post. I, too, am a colourful person. It brings joy to life. I love the idea of the jar. Of course the depressed part of me already has tons of excuses, but maybe that's even more reason to do it. Conquering fate. Let's see how much positivity 2016 holds for me :) It might be more than I expect.
    Have a great, colourful and artistic 2016 :)

    Xx Monica

    1. Yes, do it! The jar really helps you to focus on the positive things and helps you to stop thinking about what you failed at, or didn't get round to doing. I don't like new year's resolutions - i always break them or forget about them, but I did enjoy doing this and it's very easy to keep on top of. Happy new year to you!

  10. just had some cups of coffee and really enjoyed your tutorial on Wanderlust. LOVE it!!!!!
    Fantastic video, fabulous colors and so good explanation.

  11. Happy new year Kate, you continue to inspire me and I look forward your next visit down south. You're so right about everyone needing some colour in their life - whether it's paint or yarn!!x


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