Thursday, 24 September 2015

Art Journal Play!

Do you remember this? I made a little concertina journal a while ago, and I happen to love it! I leave it open on my desk and when I have a bit of spare paint left over, I just slap it on in a carefree fashion! It really is a very liberating way of art journaling.

So recently I added a couple more pages ... with a bit of paint, bit of washi tape, bit of doodling, bit of collage, bit of whatever ya fancy!

Happy days!


  1. Fabulous. All your key signature marks in such a small space. Love it!

  2. A great idea! Your journal is beautiful. Thanks for sharing. I might try this myself.Jean

  3. I absolutely love this! So vibrant and fun in such a small space! I think I may have to try something like this myself.

  4. Gorgeous Kate. Love your work, so bright and a delight to see. Debbie X

  5. Your pages look stunning Kate !


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