Wednesday, 1 July 2015

Still going ....

Happy July everyone! I like July - lots to look forward to. It's summer for a start, and here in the UK the weather is truly wonderful ... unusually hot and sunny. And then of course it will be the school holidays and we are all sooo ready for a break from the relentless routine. And then it's my birthday month yippee! And my son's birthday! And my wedding anniversary! Oh, and did I mention it's my birthday month?!

Well, here it is - June finished. I'd like to say I'm all ready for July but I'd be lying! I've even got a couple of gaps in my journaling for June ... it's been such a busy month for me that I got a bit behind and if I don't fill my page in on the day itself I really can't remember what I was doing. If anyone knows what I was doing on the 1st and 26th June perhaps you can let me know.

Every month I say I'm not going to use pink this month, I'm going to do a different colour. Guess June was an epic fail on that front then!

Don't forget, this challenge is on Facebook so come and take a peek if you're interested in journaling EVERY day!


  1. Great month journal page Kathryn !!! Wonderful colours!!! I love it all, big hugs from Spain, Caty.

  2. Absolutely beautiful Kate. Wishing you a lovely July xo


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