Thursday, 2 October 2014

Quickie mini journaling

I just love working in my mini journal (I use a 15x10cm Moleskine). I had a background in my journal which I didn't like so I covered it up and then added a scan of one of my doodle pages (getting plenty of mileage out of this one LOL!) Giving myself a pep talk here about my procrastination tendencies ......

If you don't usually work this small, try it! Ir's quick, it's fun, and it's a great size to carry around.



  1. I love your work it's so inspiring, you are a model for me! I don't succeed actually but I work!

  2. That is the most beautiful Journal Art Page I have ever seen! Very joyful indeed! xoDebi

  3. Happy smiles when I look at this, Kate!

  4. Hi Kate love the mini journal page, so inspiring. X:)

  5. I so love what you do! What type of paper is your Moleskine?

    1. Thank you Muriel :-) My Moleksine is a small folio sketchbook.

  6. No confidence using bright colours and not good at doodling doesn't help whatever size canvas... one day i will overcome this and sign up for one of your AFTH lessons.

    Until then thank you for inspiring me to keep looking :-) xxx


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