Sunday, 20 July 2014

Journal play :-)

The run up to the end of the school summer term always feels (and is) totally manic, in fact it usually feels even more busy than the run up to Christmas. However, my kids and I have now finished for 6 glorious weeks, and these days my teenage (ish) children enjoy a nice lie-in every day yay! So, I have been doing bits here and there in my journal but nothing has got finished .... Above is a work in progress page. No idea where it's going next, time will tell.

I also signed up to do an on-line class with Samie Harding as I knew it would take me out of my comfort zone ... here is some of my work in progress from the class:

Hand-carved stamps using Speedball Easycarve 

Stamped papers, using my own stamps on deli paper.

 Brush script text ... but I need a bit more practice....

Talking of on-line classes .... I have been busy busy busy filming for Journal Soup 2. COMING SOON!

Bye for now, happy summer everyone!


  1. Love what you are doing great colours
    Becky x

  2. It is always good to learn new ways, adding new things to the old.
    I like all the old papers! Those are within my " comfort zone". I include old dictionary pages in most of my creations. Are you hooked? I'm wondering if we going to see vintage papers included in your pages from now on.
    My newest adventure has involved encaustic wax & oil pastels. Fun stuff!

  3. Just YUMMY fun! I love these colorful pages and your hand carved stamps!

  4. I really, really, REALLY love your little crosses stamp. As a fellow carver it's easy to understand the obvious pleasure they give you in making and using them.

    Lovely work (as always). Thank you for never failing to inspire.

    And yay for kids getting to lie-in.

  5. Oh wow!!! How I love these!!! Amazing!!


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