Thursday, 26 June 2014


Well, things have been a little quiet round here lately, as family life has just been way too hectic and one or two things have just got in the way of anything artistic. But as I was browsing through the latest edition of my favourite ever magazine I saw that they had published one of my pages! Yay! Stampington don't always tell you that they are doing this, so when you are casually flicking through it comes as quite a surprise!

I did this page a while ago in my little vintage Time Book journal. This journal was sent to me by my lovely friend Marsha of Tumblefish Studio fame (now at Deviant Scrap) ...

And features one of her images too. Thanks Marsha, I have had a lot of fun with your images over the years.

Over on Facebook, my art page has reached a grand milestone of 1,000 likes which makes me very happy indeed :-)) I'm so grateful for all of your lovely support. If you're not already a 'liker' then hop on over and like my page as I'm working on a give-away to celebrate this milestone and you've got to be in it to win it.

So, although things have been quiet around here I have been working away quietly ... creating and filming ... oh yes, Journal Soup 2 is on its way ... watch this space!

Byee for now ...


  1. congratulations all around!! and i can't wait for Journal soup 2!!!!

  2. Congratulations Kate! how exciting- and to not know ahead of time- must have really added to the fun! xo

  3. very cool! congrats! and awesome accomplishments!!!

  4. This is a great page that has so much to look at and enjoy! Beautiful and interesting work!

  5. Congrats & love the page !!

  6. Congratulations! The same thing happened to me with Somerset Studio. I got a comment on a blog post congratulating me on publication of my article and art, say what? So I had to do some digging and found they actually had! I'm anxiously waiting for my copy to arrive in the mail, it's not yet available at the store!

  7. Congratulations on both accomplishments, Kate! That's an amazing surprise, for sure!


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