Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Journaling inspired by music

When journaling on a small scale in my mini Moleskine I often use left-over collage images that would otherwise go unused and lie around unloved in the bottom of my images folder! I have always liked this cross image (sorry, can't remember where it came from...) and here I like the neutral colour of the image against my bright scribbly background. It's very therapeutic making grungy scribbly backgrounds like this by the way .....

I am often inspired by music in my art journaling, some songs just get right inside my head and stay there. This quote came from a song by one of my favourite singers, Passenger. I love this particular line from the song Feather on the Clyde, because we all fail on a regular basis, but the important thing is to keep trying, right? And just incase you have yet to come across the legend that is Passenger, here is an acoustic (soundcheck) version of the song. Bye for now, enjoy!


  1. Love this page and LOVE that song! Passenger is new to me (hoping to find the CD here in the States) and I am blown away by his beautiful words and music. I'll be looking for that. Also looking forward to your Cd, Kate! Can't wait for it to arrive and learn some new techniques for my art journaling. ")

  2. Oh, beautiful!!! As well as your journal as well Passenger! I love his music too!!

  3. Looks fabulous Kate. Love the colour and so enjoying the new DVD's
    x catherine

  4. Hi Kate and Happy New Year.
    A beautiful journal page as always.
    I am not very spiritual but i do like that saying you have picked. I remember a friend saying to me that God listens to all the prayers we ask of him but the answer isn't always Yes....Like that.

  5. Sweet Kathryn!!! Thanks SOOOooooo much for stopping by for a blog visit. It's been such a long time since I've had my "colors on"!!! You're absolutely right . . . . I'm hoping that life has settled down into a dull roar. I've missed my art and my friends!!! I LOVE your work - you know that I'm one of your biggest fans - and this little journal is absolutely scrumptious!!! I can always count on you for a color fix!!! LOL!!! Huge Hugs, Terri ♥

  6. Gorgeous colors! Love the doodling too.

  7. Lovely page, stunning colours, i am a quiet follower but couldn't resist commenting on this page as it is so gorgeous :-) x

    1. Ahh, I'm so glad you did :-) Thank you!

  8. Great song, great sentiment ... great page!

  9. I just love this!!! Truly, truly love it!


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