Saturday, 9 November 2013

DVD news! Woohoo!!

Yay! I'm really happy to be able to share with you that my latest DVDs have just been launched at the Hobbycraft show at the NEC (UK). Woohoo! Just in time for Christmas ;-) 

DVDs 5 and 6 should be available to buy from Craft shops as well as direct from Traplet, and on-line at  Amazon UK, and The DVDs will be available to buy internationally, but if you live in the USA please be aware that you will need a different format, but, yes, there will be a USA version. As soon as I have links to retailers I will post them here. And just so you know, you can even get me in high definition blu-ray for an extra fiver hahahaha!! 

As usual, the DVDs will be available as a box set (above), or individually (below), and work together as a pair. In 5: Mix up the Media I prepare the backgrounds, and in 6: Junk it Up I complete the pages, and as an added bonus I show you how I bind it all together as a junk journal! Of course, you don't have to work in a junk journal, the pages I share would work equally as well in your regular journals. And it is all delivered in my finest Yorkshire :-)
Click *here* for a link to you tube for a preview of DVD 5 - Mix up the Media

Click *here* for a link to you tube for a preview of DVD 6 - Junk it up

So, here's a few sneaky peeks at what you can expect from my latest DVDs ... 

Painting techniques
Word stamp by The Artistic Stamper

More painting techniques and lots of mixed media....

Building lots and lots of layers, including gelli prints

Gelli plate printing including hand-cutting your own stencils

Making your own collage images 
by scanning your own backgrounds

Inky techniques! Building layers, 
and creating lots of texture and interest in inky backgrounds.
Inks and Stamps by Dylusions

Adding interest to tags
Birds stamp by The Artistic Stamper

Binding it all together
Stamp by Crafty Individuals

Adding pockets and envelopes ...
Stamps by Dylusions

I have been overwhelmed by the response to my previous DVDs and I'm truly grateful for all of your lovely feedback. If you want to see more details, comments and feedback, have a look *here*.

So, what do people say about my DVDs? Here's just a small selection:

I have just received my order for your first 4 DVD's....I'm loving them so much and look forward to the new ones you're going to be making soon. Your DVD's are so professional and relaxing to're a very good teacher and artist. So glad to know you.

I just want to say a H U G E thank you to you - you are my delightful 'new discovery' right at the end of 2012. My partner bought me your dvds 1&2 for Christmas and i am hooked - hook, line and sinker :o) I never knew 'watching paint dry' could be so addictive and joyful!
I have never done any art of any kind so i am your complete newbie in the Crane Camp but i am keen to 'have a go'.
You are a very talented, creative, inspirational, calm and beautiful teacher, i look forward to playing and learning in your company in 2013......

I wanted to tell you how much I am enjoying your newest DVDs.  They are so cool!  I have the first two and love them so much I have watched both twice and still pop the first one into my DVD to pick and choose parts I want to review to try out.  
 I now know you are nervous doing these DVDs; but truly, Kate, you are so calm and so into the art work you are showing, that it is the most fun and relaxing learning DVD I've ever seen.  Keep doing these DVDs--they are wonderful.

I absolutely love all 4 dvd's. The new ones are my faves. I think I have watched them 2 or 3 times each so far. Even if I don't need inspiration, I find you very calming! Watching your dvd's has sparked the passion for paint I have had since I was about 12 years old. You have brought back that feeling of being totally in love with art again. And to be honest, its helping me get through tough times. I'm sure you know what thats like.

Awwww, shucks! It is amazing to get such wonderful feedback and I thank you all for your amazing support. I don't find it easy making these DVDs ... I may look calm and relaxed on the outside but I can assure you that on the inside I am a bag of nerves. And if you haven't yet seen my outtakes than don't forget to have a look *here*, and feel free to have a laugh at my expense ;-)

Right, that's all from me. Have a beautiful weekend!


  1. OMG, how fabulous - congratulations! Jo x

  2. How very exciting for you! The pages you've shown and the descriptions sound fabulous. Looking forward to ordering as soon as they're available.

  3. These are on my Christmas list. I'm looking forward to getting them.

  4. so pleased and happy for you kate! you deserve all the success you can handle!! i could listen to you talk all day long!

  5. fabulous Kate, can';t wait to see them, I know they will be just as inspiring as the previous ones for sure. and good thing they come out before Xmas too, can I put them on my Xmas wishlist woohoo

  6. Oh, great! The demos themselves are such a tease! The gyro-cut tool is already on my list of must-haves. Apparently they are not sold in France but I found an online shop in the UK.

  7. Yay!!!! I can't wait to get these, I've got all the others. I might ask for them for Christmas but I don't know if I can wait that long to watch them. The clips on YouTube are great so I know the dvds will be brilliant as usual. Thank you for making them Kate.

    Libby x

  8. Yay!!! I can't wait to see them, I want to ask for them for Christmas but I'm not sure I can wait that long! The clips on YouTube are great so I know the dvds will be brilliant. Thank you Kate!! I'm sure it's not as good as taking one of your workshops but it's a good substitute!

    Libby x

  9. Congratulations on the success of your DVD's this is very exciting.

  10. OMGS...Congrats what wonderful news! Loved the first 2 sets and cannot wait until I can get my hands on them here in the US!!! Thanx for keeping us posted! :)


  11. I want them...., but i have to wait untill i find a store i can order from.......They are not in store.....yet....
    Kate you"re work is amazing.....


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