Sunday, 27 October 2013

Gelli printing, journal classes and a bit of this and that.

Have I told you how much I love my gelli arts plate? I especially love finger painting on my gelli plate, because I am naturally messy. I also especially love my new *supersize* gelli plate. Oooh, it wasn't cheap but sometimes you 'want' something so much it becomes a 'need,' and I like to justify my purchases by sharing my newly acquired goods in my workshops. See? I am not just buying it for me, I am buying it for everyone ;-) 

I love the combination of the gelli plate and Amsterdam acrylic paints, as they are just the right consistency, they don't dry too quickly, and the colours are fab. I have also doodled on my prints with a Signo uniball pen - the only white pen I have found that really works.

On Friday, my new electric clothes airer arrived. I am so sick of damp clothing hanging around in the house that just won't dry at this time of year so I decided to invest in one of these. But ha! almost as soon as it arrived I could see its real potential! Perfect.

Yesterday I went 'up north' to Middlesbrough (UK) to teach at an art journaling workshop organised by 3D Jean and I spent the day with some lovely, creative ladies, who were all quite happy to get messy and have some art journaling fun. Kirsti and Sonja had travelled all the way from Aberdeen! Jean provided us with a fab lunch including the nicest cake I have ever had - lemon and lavendar - truly delish. I'll be teaching at this venue again in the spring so you'll have to come along just to taste Jean's amazing cake LOL!

And while I was at the workshop Julie gave me this super-size ring to put my washi tapes on. Yay! I have long admired Julie's own, so was delighted when she gave me this one. But now I need to fill it with more washi tape don't you think?! There are gaps that need filling....

And of course I did a little spending while I was there too. It would have been rude not to. Look at these beautiful themed kits called Plundered Pages.....  the sad thing is I used read Judy comic when I was little and now here I am buying it as a vintage comic LOL! These are going to look great in my junk journals.

And these awesome little embellishments by Artchix Studios just fell into my basket too!

And when I got home yesterday there was a new Stampington magazine waiting for me, with a 'Congratulations you've been published' letter attached. What?! I hadn't sent anything to be published! I opened it to find a a copy of Handcrafted inside - it's a really beautiful mag - haven't seen this one before. And it turns out that this mag is a collection of articles from other Stampington magazines, and nestled in the middle was my 'Journal your year' article from Nov/Dec  2011. What a great surprise, and always a very huge honour indeed to be published by Stampington.

Well, it's half term here, so the kids are at home for a week and we get a few lie-ins, and a rest from the relentless taxi service that I seem to have become! Byee for now, enjoy the half term!


  1. Congratulations on being published, and enjoy half term, hope you don't get blown away! Your gelli pages are gorgeous, and I bet everyone enjoyed the class.

  2. I think there's a supernatural power to those rings, so far, everyone who I've given one too suddenly develops an urge to buy more to fill it! Washi-tape manufacturers should be paying me commission!

    Thanks for the link to my shop it's much appreciated. And I hope there was something suitably serendipitous in those packs! :-)

  3. It was well worth the travel and I had a great time. Thank You. That was lovely of Julie and you definitely need to fill that space now.

  4. Gosh that looks like a great class. I thought 3d Jean had closed down so great to hear it hasn't. Your stash looks delicious. Love the artchix em bellies. I also love my gelli plates. Love what you made. Layers are awesome. Chris

  5. this looks a fun class, hugs Julia

  6. Ooo looks like a fabulous class! Love the serendipity kits!! Big huge, mahoosive congrats on the magazine!! That's fabulous!! Great to see you today, just sorry didn't get time to have a cuppa xx

    Kaz x

  7. I've been trying to play with a Gelli page and cost watched a YouTube tut that cheap acrylic paints will work brilliant. Mine are immediately drying on the plate and I didn't realise that it might be the issue with the paints as opposed to my lack of skill. .. must investigate the paints you mentioned! TFS! xx

  8. I am obsessed with my gelli plate too-and have you seen the latest circle one????? That is one spacious classroom. Lots of great prints by the class. Gotta love ARTchix! The ring for the washi tapes is such a fab idea-I must look for one of those. Congrats on being published! Isn't it wonderful to get that letter and a mag. as a surprise? See you soon for the next calendar update :)

  9. LOOKS FuN!
    Iteach too!
    The students are so inspiring as an artist.
    I joined your blog.
    My ART Blog is
    Please take a look....Thanks!

  10. Thanks for the tip on the mag- hope I can check this out :) love gelli plates too- I think I could do it all day and all night! ofcourse- your prints are fabulous !

  11. You are rocking and rolling and creating truly beautiful work!!!

  12. So gutted I couldn't make it down but I just couldn't miss the funeral. All the pages look fab and I love your gelli prints. Think drying paintings is a much better use for your clothes dryer!

    What a fab ring for washi tapes and I love Julies plundered packs and am using them quite a bit in my art journal.

    Will definitely be booking in for the next class

    Suzy xx

  13. bravo a vous toues les filles!!! vos pages gelli sont magnifiques

  14. I'm kinda in love with my Gelli Plate too. I love how everyone seems to use it the same way but get such different results. I really like doing it over 'ugly' scrapbook paper that has somehow ended up in my stash. I'm in Australia - so haven't heard of the Amsterdam paints. I like using the Kaiser Craft paints. They are beautiful colours and are quite runny so they don't dry out too quick (which happens A LOT in the humidity here).

    Congratulations on being published - especially because it was a surprise. Even better!

  15. Great stuff, super backgrounds Kate !

  16. I don't believe you are messy!!! lol gelli printing is a total blast and your students are so lucky to have you as their teacher.

  17. i am using that exact same ring but with a couple more as well!! my friend saw the mess of mine at a crop a moth back and asked if i is perfect! enjoy yours and keep filling!!

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