Thursday, 3 October 2013

Calendar time!

Whaaaaaat? How did it get to October already??!! OK, so I'm running a little late ... haven't finished September yet, never mind starting October! But I will get there. How about you? Are you on top of things?

I know that some of you will be chomping at the bit to get linked up here. so without further ado here's the linky for October, but don't forget you can also check out the challenge on Flickr and Facebook too!


  1. your colorful, playful colorful calendar pages are what got me hooked Kate! Just squeaked my Oct . in actually done on the first-oh my!!

  2. Thank you for keeping this link. It's the only way I can hook up with you and your super colorful calendars. I know you'll be caught up by the time November gets here (grin).

  3. I love your calendar pages, they're fantastic.


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