Friday 6 September 2013

Running a little late ....

Oops! I'm running a little late with posting my calendar for this month. Where does the time go?! Well as you can see I managed to keep on top of things during August ... just about...! Not easy when the children are at home for the summer holidays, and on top of that we had some builders/plumbers/electricians/plasterers etc in and out of the house as we had major work done on our bathroom. Phew!

But as you can see I got it all filled in and I'm just about up-to-date.

I'll add a link below in case you would like to add your entry to the linky. Don't forget there is a fabulously creative and LARGE calendar group on Facebook, which seems to be growing daily with well over 750 members now. I can feel a slight shift from blogland to facebook. Anyone else feeling that?

There's also our Flickr group here.

Bye for now, I'm off to get up-to-date for September!


  1. I always say better late than never, although some turn it around. I suspect if my "days" were as detailed and awesome as yours, I might fall behind, too. BTW, I like the new bath.

  2. Oh Kate! An other beautiful month!

  3. I feel a little shift also and think it is sad, ´cause on facebook it is gone in a few weeks and it is ever so short- less personal... Inky greetings, Gerrina

  4. Oooo lovely jubbly! Maybe 2014 I will actually do the challenge and finish my smash book from two years ago!!
    Do you think it will happen?? Nah me neither!
    Great pages
    Kaz xx

  5. Sorry, Kate. I'm a blogger only. I've never wanted to join FB and don't ever intend to. I see less people posting here each month, though, and that saddens me.

    1. Don't worry ... I'm still going to post a linky here each month, it just seems that most people prefer FB these days. It saddens me too - I like blogs as they have a history. Things on FB are here today but gone tomorrow :-(

    2. I have facebook & it's fine for what it is (and I would never have contact with some of my relatives under 25 otherwise! lol) But I like blogs too, they are more like conversations while facebook is like passing smalltalk (if that makes sense to anyone but me lol) I will still post my calendars here as long as there's a link :D

  6. I think facebook has its pros and cons. I am there, and I do like how easy it is to share photos and such. But to form "real" online relationships I think blogs are the only way to go. Like you said 'blogs have history' and blogs have heart and soul too.
    I am new to the calendar challenge. I love the idea of a snippet of each day. I only wish I had been able to start sooner. Now that I am retired I will have time to stick with it.

  7. Glad to see that you are still going to link here - I do so love doing this each month! Love the way you have filled in your squares, must try this myself….sometime, when I'm feeling brave. Hoping that more folk will post on both Facebook and blogs! Chrisx


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