Tuesday, 20 August 2013

I'm Baaaack!

Did you miss me?! Phew! It feels like I have been away for ages, in fact I have been enjoying some wonderful family time in the South West of England, and a very good time was had by all helped by unusually good weather.  I always feel like I will have loads of time for my art while I am away but in fact it rarely works out like that ... I did manage a bit of doodling in my Art Doodle Love book and had a chance to play with my wonderful new neon Montana pens. LOVE them :-) These pens will add a fabulous splash of colour over any background, and you know how I like colour.

We did some exploring around the local area. I'm so happy to randomly come across little treasure like this when I am wandering around somewhere new. Great use of a Barbie doll!

And this naturally vintaged and distressed and overgrown phone box was just across the road from where we were staying. Now we mostly have mobile phones these are almost becoming obsolete but they are delight to see and such a part of our English countryside:

We went to visit the Eden Project. Well, it was almost on our doorstop, it would have been rude not to:

And while out and about at the seaside I was delighted to capture this little fella shaking his tail feathers haha! Not really in focus I know, but funny all the same :-)

And my old girl just about exhausted herself running on the beach every day!

Of course I have come home to a mountain of washing and an even bigger mountain of ironing
(although I may yet decide to ignore the ironing and just go creased!), and also a half-done bathroom. We inherited a bathroom with our house that was probably last done in about 1970. We have put up with it for long enough (although at the same time it is such a big job I couldn't face having it done!) so while we were away the builders made a start ...... this is a work in progress pic ....

Of course the contents of the bathroom and airing cupboard have to be temporarily stored somewhere, and you guessed it ... it is mostly in my little art studio :-( Do you know how much stuff it is possible to cram into an airing cupboard?! I had no idea until I emptied it and I found all sorts of things I didn't even know we had. 

Ah well, hopefully normal art service will hopefully be resumed soon .......

Byee for now, hope you are all having a great summer!


  1. Hello matey!! Glad your back, missed you loads! Loving the photos of the holidays, looked like it was fabulous! I'm in the middle I'd painting millys bedroom........her room contents are in our room, it's always an adventure clambering over drawers to get into bed! I've even got a swear box at the end of the bed! Lol hope to spk soon
    Kaz x

  2. Sounds like you all had a fab holiday - your pics are great - I laughed and laughed at the Barbie on the boat.

    Loving your doodling -- those neon pens are fab. I need to use my book more but my little doodles are somewhat pathetic in comparison lol

    The bathroom work will be worth it and airing cupboards are a bit like a tardis!!

  3. those neon Montan pens are fabulous!!--Love your pages.

  4. Hi Kate.
    What a lovely post and good to have you back.

    Firstly can I say I love your dog and want to kiss that big long nose!!

    Your Bathroom will eventually look great, I hate starting stuff and always put it off, but when I do start, I wonder why I did not do it before!!
    A Lady who lives near me has a red phone box in her garden, who wouldn't want one they are just superb.
    Lovely pages as always and great colours used.
    Hope to see you soon.

  5. Welcome back ! Some fab art and pics there Kate !

  6. Love the barbie doll figurehead. :)

  7. Hi Kate, love your journal pages! And such gorgeous pictures wow! Hugs Frea

  8. Great to have you back ! Looks like you had a brilliant time on holiday ! I found a whole duvet set which had fallen down behind the shelves in my airing cupboard that I didn't even remember buying !!

  9. Hi Kate, thanks for sharing those great pics of your vacation. I love the telephone booth. Your journal pages are awesome? What pencil did you use on the faces? Is it the Stabilo Marks All pencil. I bought one, at least I think it's the one Dina Wakely uses. It's red and it only says All on it. I can't get the lines as dark as yours or Dina's. Also, on the right page, what pencils or crayons did you use for the background? I hope you can answer my questions. You can e-mail me if you want. mkmcvay2@comcast.net

    1. Hi Mary, It sounds as if you have a different pencil to the one that Dina uses, which is the one I used here. I used the Stabilo Aquarellable. It's black with an orange bit at the end if that helps! And it writes VERY dark. For the background I used a combination of prismacolor pencils (wax-based and hold their colour even on a coloured background - very yummy to use!) and Montana paint pens in neon colours. Hope that helps! Kate

  10. Glad you had a lovely holiday. Your doodles are fantastic! So colourful and full of detail.

  11. I am sure it will all be fabulous once the bathroom is finished! And your journal pages are absolutely brilliant.

  12. Sounds like you had a fab time, who wouldn't in Cornwall, I love it there. Great pics Kate and the doodling is amazing. Hope the bathroom is finished by now. Michelle x

  13. So glad your back! and YES! You WERE missed! :P
    I love the pics!!

  14. Loving your faces and the doodle love pages, Kate. So gorgeous. I've only just bought a few prismacolour pencils - they blend so well together. Might be back to the art shop this week for some more. Uh oh, I feel a new addition coming on.

    The photos of your holiday are gorgeous - the red phone booth and barbie boat head are fantatic. And your seagull that was clear except for the flapping wings - perfect. I need to work out how to use my camera properly.

  15. Love the peek at your pages... beauties! Wishing you a smooth renovation.

  16. Our stuff from having the bathroom done has been on the landing and in the kids rooms .. just cleared it this week! It's such a massive upheaval having the bathroom done, hope it gets sorted soon. It's a lovely feeling, we lived with our old falling apart one with no wallpaper for ten years and I just love going in the new one :)

    And that barbie is inspired! Well done for spotting her


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