Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Procrastinating again ....

Image from an earlier journal page by me!

Today I am supposed to be packing, ready to go and teach at De Craftorij in the Netherlands woop woop!! Packing is not my favourite thing however, and I have discovered I have a rather fabulous talent for procrastinating. It's hard to pack art supplies because every time you pick something up you just have to try it and have a little play. I have made slow progress on the packing front today. I have however, made a couple more journal backgrounds in my mini moleskine and I will be able to doodle on these on route!!

The page above uses an image by me from an earlier journal page, and I made the background with a Gelli Arts plate. It is a BIG plate and this is a small journal but I managed!

Image by Nancy Baumiller @ Crowabout Studio B

Sometimes, occasionally, I make double page spreads in my journal, but I really really like the eclectic look of two different pages side-by-side:


  1. these are fabby lushy xxx so who holds the Dyan Tower when you both away?????

    1. Ben of course! He might be quiet but you don't argue with Ben haha! And he's a rugby player ....

  2. Awesome pages Kate!!! Have a great time in Holland and please say HI to all my Dutch friends who will be in your class!!!

  3. Lovely pages and I adore the fish border! Have a great trip to Holland and enjoy the classes.

  4. Love the colours.

  5. Two very gorgeous pages, you've made me want to get out my mini journal tonight as well. I want to make lots of backgrounds. I like doing that. Have a great trip, enjoy spreading the arty Crane love. They're gonna love ya. But hurry back, we'll miss you too much. x

  6. Gelli Arts plate is great, love it. Just saw a tutorial at De Craftorij of it. Wonderful pages and have a good trip. See you Thursday!

    groetjes coby

  7. Ha Ha.... That is the best kind of play. And when it gets down to the nitty gritty you will pack-!!! Love these pages.

  8. Hi Kate can hardly wait till Saturday when I will attend your workshop WOOHOO
    I'm so looking forward to this
    awesome pages by the way

  9. FAB - enjoy (or is that ENDURE) your packing and have a great time too


  10. Hi kate, also I can hadrly wait till Thuersday than I see your at the Craftorij. This pages are awesome. Beautiful.
    See uou soon
    Lovely greet

  11. Two fab pages just yummy. Have a good journey and enjoy your teaching xx

  12. Amazing AND gorgeous pages Kate!

    greetings, Alie :-)

  13. This is a great look. I dnt think ive done one across. I have thought about it.

  14. Delicious backgrounds and pages Kate! I can see how you end up just having to play a bit when packing things-I do the same when I'm getting things together for an art date with a friend-it's in an artist's blood I think :)


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