Monday, 24 September 2012

Still drawing .....

So, I'm still drawing in my journal! I admit that I am absolutely not the best at this, but I don't mind at all, and more importantly I'm not at all scared of drawing in my journal :-) I'm quite happy to muck up a few pages along the way because it's all part of the learning process.

On Saturday I taught a 'drawing in your journal' class at Art from the Heart, to a packed class. It was fun! We started with a few drawing games, drew each other (with our non-dominant hands!), and gradually moved on to drawing portraits. More importantly, the aim was to draw directly onto a journal page which can be a bit scary. We used all sorts of materials to add colour ... acrylic paints, neocolor IIs, oil pastels, Stabilo marks-all pencil, prismacolor pencils ... anything we could get our hands on basically. So the portraits were truly mixed-media.

We finished off our pages with a random quote from vintage text:

Here's a few shots from the day ....

Mell added some fantastic red hair to her portrait.

Here's Michelle adding a  random quote from some vintage text. 
Sometimes you find the best quotes when you are not looking for them.

Bryan did a fabulous 'boyish version'!!

Isn't it great?!

Sara and Colleen are clearly sharing a joke here!

Such concentration!

Anne made a gorgeous page, pretty in pink.

And here are Martha and Maria ... all the way from ....

... Italy!! Wowee!

Maralyn and Gemma hard at it, and I'm pleased that Maralyn is still smiling!

Happy smiles!!

I was so happy that everyone overcame their fears and embraced the idea of drawing directly onto journal pages. As you can see there were some amazing page by the end of the day. And look! They're still smiling so it can't have been that bad!!

Byeeeeee for now ....


  1. Looks like a successful class-not that I would have expected anything else!! Just wish I could've been in on it!Love all the fabulous work these artists produced.

  2. Hi Kate! Love this! I was just blogging about drawing more in my journals, too. It feels so good to personalize pages even more... This class looks like a great time.

  3. Fab day Kate - thank you so much!!! Going to find time to do another one in my journal - if I leave it too long I will probably bottle out. So its on my to do list!!! Loved your bunny ears!! x

  4. Sounds like it was a fabulous class, thank you for the inspiration and push to draw more!

  5. Oh Kate the class looks fab, I loved it in Dy's studio when I did a workshop. The drawing class looks brilliant.
    Bryan's work was stunning liked his use of a hat!
    Take care, Debbiex

  6. With drawing it's Let it Loose and you create something beautifuls, and so you did. I don't dare yet, perhaps within a few monds, years....

    Groetjes Coby

  7. Thanks for a lovely day. Somehow drawing didn't seem scary at all; even through I look really serious on the photo. x

  8. Hi Kate, Looks like everyone was more than capable of drawing in their journals. Wish I could have been there.

  9. looks like a wonderful class. The drawings are great!

  10. I had a really fantastic time. It's the people, the teacher, and the environment, it just brings out the best in all of us. Thanks for the brilliant tips Kate, I'll never forget them. I went straight out and bought the drawing lab book and I was drawing cats in bed last night! I've managed to get Helen on your preview day class too. Yipeee. See you then, thanks for a great day. Michelle x

  11. I love it! and you did have a packed house, whoa. What a great way to spend some time on a Saturday.

  12. Wow you all had a ball wish in our tiny corner of Tasmania others did this. Dont know one person who likes to art journal except me gets a bit lonely. Thank goodness for Kate's blog

  13. Hi Kate, I still can't believe that I was there, in a such inspiring and creative place :) On my blog ( you can find our picture together. ( The post is in italian, but the salient point is that even if I don't like draw faces, you made me capable to do it but more important not to cover it with a lot of gesso LOL ) XOXO


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