Monday, 12 December 2011

Catching up ...

Paints, inks and background stamps by Dylusions

Just incase you thought I hadn't done by December calendar journal pages, here they are ....! Ooh, just in the nick of time I'd say, but you know, December always seems soooo busy. 
Yesterday I taught a Calendar Journaling class at Art from the Heart to a really fab group, who were a lot of fun. Messy, but fun! Here they are hard at work getting their January pages ready:

We had lots of chat, laughter, tea, cake, and Michael Buble. Well, not in real life (more's the pity) but the sing-along-a-Christmas CD which was good enough.

Cat has done a fab write-up about the day, including wonderful photos on her blog, which you may like to have a look at here.

We had a short break in the afternoon to test my daughter's cake pops which she sent for everyone to try (or maybe to keep them quiet!). These taste as good as they look:

And here's the proof that everyone really enjoyed them:

Many of you have asked if the Calendar challenge will continue next year .... Of course it will! Some of you who started but stopped want to start again, some of you who started and want to keep going will keep going, and I think there are quite a few newbies who would like to join. Yay! Let's keep it going :-) Here's to a colourful 2012!

And don't forget - all of you 2011 calendar challengers - let's show ALL of our 2011 pages at the end of December in a big, giant, show-and-tell blog post. Let's be loud and proud of what we have achieved :-)

On Saturday it was preview day at Art from the heart, and all the up and coming classes were announced. It was a busy, busy day, and a lot of people turned up to get nice and inky at the packed taster classes. All of the new workshop details are being added here, but in the meantime here's a taster of some of the things I will be teaching ......... More details to follow ....

Now, just a couple of things before I go ... all of you art journalers out there may be interested in these that I spotted on Etsy the other day - vintage journaling packs full of bits and bobs and useful stuff for backgrounds and embellishments. Have a look here, you might be interested, just saying that's all  :-)

And finally, come back tomorrow for a little give-away to celebrate 800 followers. Woop woop!


  1. Love your December pages, and glad that the challenge is carrying on! Valerie

  2. Fab project for the month of December and looks like a lot of fun was had by all, if the photos are anything to go by. I plan to do more journaling in 2012

    Seasons Greetings


  3. These classes look Yummy to me will have to try and get on some after the expense of crimbo ......I did your taster class it was fab..I just have a question for you if you don't mind I got some faber castell pens in the post today (a lucky dip thing I did ) and was wondering if they can be used for journalling .....will they run and bleed ....any ideas ? Thanks for the help x

  4. That would be so awesome to take one of your class online (as England is quite far from Canada lol) :D

    I will create a journal focused on the monthly calendars, I really want to do it in 2012.

  5. Oooo looks like some interesting workshops coming up....can't wait. Love Decembers page, gorgeous colours xx

  6. I really enjoyed my taster day Kate, and would love to join in one of your journaling classes, unfortunately your beginers classes are on Tuedsays - maybe I should just quit work and mess about with paint :o) x

  7. Lovely colours - can't wait to see all your calendar pages together in 1 post :-)

  8. I'm a newbie, aiming to start my first journal in the new year. Thanks for all the inspiration. xx

  9. well done Kate, a fab pink page for december, love it x

  10. Gorgeous December pages. Count me in for 2012 have been with you from the beginning and can't wait to start a new calendar book, wish I had been at the calendar workshop with that naughty Christine to lead us astray. Eleanor's cakes look delicious too. xx

  11. Love the pink december page! I am so glad that I managed to keep up all year with the challenge, at times it was a rush to get pages done and a couple of times they didnt happen until half way through the month but I did them! I have found some amazing blogs through this challenge as well and its so nice that everyone takes the time to leave such lovely comments for each other.
    I can never make any workshops at AFTH as I live so far away but my xmas prezzie this year is your journalling DVDs so I'm really looking forward to watching them and trying out all your tecniques! Hope you have a wonderful Xmas x

  12. Love those 'off the page' wings and the colours are wonderful. One day I WILL make that long trip over to do one of your workshops, lol - or at least I can dream about it. Great work x

  13. Thank you again Kate for a wonderful class. It's food for our souls to sit with other women having fun and doing relaxing things. At least as long as your neighbour does not splatters your pages with paint outside of your comfort zone. Grin. You know who you are, the one spraying the black spatters on my green lime page... ;o)))
    But then it's art journaling so every happening is an opportunity! Thanks for the black spatters in that context...
    Kate we need more classes!

  14. Lovin your cheerful pink December, Kate! It's been a whirlwind year, but a pretty great one. Happy December!! Hugs, kath. PS Thanks again for visiting, and for reading my interview and commenting so kindly. It was my fifteen minutes of fame, hahaha!!

  15. this just all looks fabulous!!! How I would love to come to one of your classes .... will have to go and put your DVD on instead and find myself some choc cupcakes! LOL!!! Hugs Juls

  16. Hello Kate... beautiful colors on December Page. I need an inspiration to work with the cover on this calendar journal. I have a lot of supplies to work my page (I want to work on december 2011 and then the January 2012 but want to know if you have any info to help me to create my own cover page.
    Thanks for all the inspirational and wonderful creations.


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