Friday, 7 October 2011

September at last!!

Ink Sprays in Bubblegum, Sunshine and Poppy
Bits and Bats DS005, Basic Backgrounds DS020, Further round the edge DS015
All by Dylusions

Well, here it is at last ... my September calendar page. Didn't want you to think I was getting behind or anything like that. tut tut. As if. If you click for a closer look (and I know some of you double clickers do!) you will see I have had a fairly rubbish month, so the fact that my calendar is done at all is something of a miracle!

Thanks and well done to everyone who has already linked up with their calendar this month. Some of you are just soooo organised! I have been to visit most of you and as usual I'm staggered by the wonderful inspirational art that is going on. We're almost there (unless you are going to continue next year of course!). Don't forget, if you haven't yet linked up with your calendar you can do so here, but don't panic, the link will stay open all month.

So, back to my calendar ... I used some of the new Dylusions ink spray colours to create the background, they are gorgeous! I also used some of the new background stamps, and the new vine stamp to create a border along the lower edge. Have a closer look here:

And then, while I was messing about with inks in my craft room, I decided to ink up a tag (Jade and Sunshine)  .............

Heart Shirt by Daniel Torrente
Crow Line by Janet Klein
Stella's Hat, and Splatter Long by Jo capper-Sandon 

Before I go, I just wanted to say a big thank you for all your get well wishes :-) 

And today, I'm going to leave you with this. The lovely Sunanda sent me these words following my last blog post, and I'm sure a lot of you out there will appreciate them too:

Happiness Unlimited

Happiness is a state of being created while working towards the goal,
not a feeling to be experienced after achieving the goal.

If we believe that happiness comes after achieving then we create
stress, anger and fear while achieving, and do not thus experience happiness.

Before I take responsibility for those around me,
I need to take responsibility of my own thinking and feelings.

When I am happy and take care of others, then they will be happy

Byee for now, I'm off to get inky. 


  1. Yum! Jade and sunshine is deee-lish!

  2. Lovely calendar page Kate, you've done well to keep up with it and feeling poorly, hope you improve soon (your health that is, not the pages! lol) :)

  3. Hi Kate love the new inks and stamps on your calendar and the poem/words are so true!! How many times to we feel flat when we achieve our goal, it's because the happiness was in the making. Brilliant. Hope you continue to improve and sorry for not posting my calendars, I have done them but they make such miserable reading I couldn't inflict them on everyone else!!

  4. oh kate - being sick is NO fun at all. bummer. it is a wonder you got your calendar done! but honestly - it is amazing. so even when you are under the weather you still manage to create beauty!
    i'm happy you are feeling better!

  5. Sooperdooper tag! I love Sunanda's words - something to keep in mind! Thanks for sharing them. Lovely September pages - still some lovely Autumn days to come though!! Take care, Chrisx

  6. Sorry you're not well - and know exactly how you feel about 'enforced' time off work - where do the days go .... Love the tags ...

  7. Super tag and wonderful calendar pages, Kate!

  8. well you still managed some fab pages Kate. am in love with those Dylusions leaves and yes, I was nosy and read about your crappy month. I may be late next month as I have an exam on the 8th and I should be revising but I'll probably need a crafty break in between! lol

  9. Great calendar and love the colours on the tag. Super poem too !!

  10. Do hope you're feeling perkier, your Sept page is a delight as always.

  11. mmhh yummy colours, Ive ordered some of the new paints, hoped they would be here today but no, cross fingers for tomoz, have a good weekend hopefully I will get October done, oxoxo

  12. Hi Kate, hope your October is MUCH better than your September. The only way to go, is up, right?! Thinking of you! Kathy

  13. Such a lovely bright September page, just gorgeous. Love the tag and looking forward to your next inky project.

  14. Beautiful September! Love the quote! It is so true. I tell all my artist friends to just have more fun when creating and don't stress out about every little thing. I enjoy the process of my art.

  15. I really love those leaves. Your colours are hot :-)

  16. Love the journal-calaneder, and the cardsare faboulous!! The backgroundcolours are soooo bright. Amazing work again!

    xx Tessa

  17. Lovin' your calendar and tag! Beautiful!

  18. Oh, my gosh, you are so talented! I am always blown away when I visit your blog. I have started to make my very first calendar page - I may be ready to write on it by Dec. LOL - but really, I love, love your style and the deep colors you have been using. Blessings to you on your new decision - Keep the faith : )

  19. Oh my your art just lifts me up out of all my worries of the day..just wonderful..thank you for sharing


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