Monday, 15 November 2010

Oh, to be cool!

Face, crown, wings, bottles, border by Tumblefish Studios
Body- magazine image
Paints and inks by Dylusions

I have been thinking, and therefore I have been journaling. My taste in music over the years has always been a bit on the cheesy side, partly because I just LOVE LOVE LOVE to sing and I therefore I like music that I can holler along to, usually very loudly. I am a great embarrassment to my children these days :-))) When I was younger I had to pretend to like what everyone else was liking but here's the thing ... now I'm older I DON'T CARE!! I don't feel the need to pretend anymore! Don't get me wrong I do have some cool stuff on my i-pod, infact I have a somewhat eclectic selection, but given the choice, when I am driving along in my car I can usually be found singing along to The Carpenters.

And anyway, who decides what is cool and what isn't?

The images on this page came from the wonderful Tumblefish Studios (with the exception of the body which I found in a magazine). Hotfoot it over here to Marsha's Etsy shop where you will find masses of inspirational image sheets.

These days I'm loving splats and grungy paint efects in my journal:

And finally, last week I spent a couple of days in a local primary school doing some art as part of their enrichment week on 'moods and feelings' - perfect for a bit of art journaling. I love watching children make art - they have a freedom which we seem to lose as we get older. They were all painting without restrictions and without the fear of getting it wrong:

Bye for now :-)


  1. are the epitome of cool. Love your work. You couldn't make that if you weren't cool, you know. Cheers ! - Kathy

  2. Oooh I've had a little pang for a primary school art class, oops now it's gone!

  3. Great artwork.. nice to see the plastic card & bubble wrap in school :) Love your page.. great background colour.. I was eyeing up those bottles last night.. they look brilliant. :)
    Have a great week. Gez.xx

  4. Love this journal page, colours, elements, everything and particularly your journaling, really made me laugh. xx

  5. Splats and grunge suits you, Kate! LOL!!! Hugs, Terri xoxo

  6. wonderful colourful cheery pages as ever Kate. personally I'm into LOUD (having a 13 year old son helps) The pages created by the local school children are fab.

  7. A big aplause!!!!!!
    What you make is a feast for my eyes to look at!
    Well done!

  8. LOVE, LoVe, lOvE your work. Looks like you had some fun with your backgrounds. Hugs, Diane

  9. Great art work and aren't all parents 'not cool'...apparantly kids are not signing up for Facebook cos all their parents are on it and that's 'not cool'...ha ha...x

  10. Gorgeous journal page and well done you for singing exactly what you want to.
    I love the colours the children have used - I think I need to just go for it like that! x

  11. great journal page kate! love your style!

  12. Fabulous!!! Everything you create rocks!!!

  13. I do love that page - expecially the perfume/medicine bottles. Re: the cheesy music taste, i have only one thing to say: Michael Buble. Enough said..

  14. What's Mucky Pup on about? Michael Buble IS cool!
    Anyway, onto the page, which I LOVE. Your backgrounds are amazing Kate. Also those images are great the bottles...they could be bottled 'cool'! Now THAT would sell like hotcakes!

  15. Nowt wrong with a bit of carpenters in the car Kate!! In my car CD player right now...the greatest hits of Johnny Cash, Girls Aloud and Elton John. True story. (Not all on the same album, obviously.) xx

  16. One of the many joys of getting older is not caring what others think!! Keep on singing.

  17. Once a week I try to catch up the blogs that I follow. Not only to look at the art but also READ the blogs.
    I Loved your story about the singingpart.
    I do exactly the same in my car when I'm driving to my work. Visualize me as Janis Joplin !!! LOL
    We share an 'interface' (I hope I translated that word oke?) in terms of grungy backgrounds !
    They are fantastic !!
    Kind greetings from the Netherlands, Rian

  18. I love this page, and am loving the grunge looks too. Your art is fab. I'm coming overseas at Chrissy ... hoping it won't be too cold or snowy. Not visiting the UK this time, just going to Holland and Ireland for Chrissy. I do love to visit your art ... keep well.

  19. Fab pages Kate :-)
    I think I can beat you on the cheesy songs, check these out if you dare!! - Sunglasses by Tracey Ullman and Atmoshpere by Russ Abbott, I love 'em ;-)
    Anne xx


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