Thursday, 30 September 2010

It's nearly October .......

Yup, it's nearly October and you know what that means ....... it means I need to get my skates on and make my Art Calendar page ready for the new month (late again!) and it also means it's time to dig out your weird and spooky images because it's Halloween time. Now, here's a funny thing .... I love halloween images, you know me - embrace the weird I say! But I do not actually like halloween itself.

This busy journal page, which is in my tiny journal, is all about Halloween. The tag is off a skirt I bought recently although I have altered the tag a little. I just love the buttons that came on the tag, I may have to go shopping there again :-)

I painted the background with acrylic paints by Dylusions by Dyan at Art from the Heart, and added a few squirts of Dylusions ink sprays too.

The rubber stamps are by 7Gypsies.

The images came from the wonderful Marsha of Tumblefish Studios from the 'Hint of Odd' collection. Marsha has been adding loads of new images to her Etsy shop which get sent to you via e-mail ready to download into your picture files. The new images are fab fab fab, so hotfoot it here to take a look.

September has been an unbelievably busy month for me. Seriously, it feels like I hit the ground running when I came back from my hols in Spain at the end of August, and I'm still running. I have had so much to do I have had to ban myself from blog-hopping as I can spend hours lost in blogland. Having to go to work really does get in the way of life sometimes, as well as looking after two children .......... and a husband ;-)   

Still, things should ease off a bit now so I'll be seeing y'all soon.



  1. Love this page, it's so bright and funky. You're a bad influence as I need to head to Etsy next!!
    I won't brag and tell you I've actually got October pages ready *whistles* x

  2. I am loving your little journal, Kate! And you're right . . . . those tiny buttons are adorable! Can't wait to see your October calendar - I'll bet it'll be extraordinary!!! Hugs, Terri xoxo

  3. Lovely pages! I just want to pinch the cheeks of the little lad on the right- so chubby and sweet!

    No blog hopping- gasp! I could do with that myself, but oh my goodness, I just can't let myself!

  4. Oops, I forgot - that I need to finish my Sept pages and start Octobers :-/ Good job I was scrolling down my blog list!
    Fab pages Kathryn :-)
    Anne xx

  5. Love this journal, and those buttons are adorable, will have to take more notice of tag in future, lovely pages.

  6. I am with you! I love Halloween images but don't care that much for the actual holiday itself. AND, work *defintely* is cramping my creative style and energy...Where oh where did my summer vacation go?! Great pages, Kate! ~K

  7. Lovely pages Kate - I have taken some time off from stitching to get my October page done - hope you find time for yours, they're always a treat.

  8. I love your pages Katherine and I have to confess after catching up with August and making a start on September that's as far as I got...beedn supper busy this month too...thank goodness there is only 1 week of school left and then we are on holiday for 2 weeks...woopee!!! and here was me couldn't wait for them to go back after the summer pleasing some

  9. This is awesome !!!!! LOVE it the colours are gorgeous and such lovely odd images :) I met Dy at Ally Palley last weekend and i brought some new paints and inks, there soooo gorgeous, i cant stop playing with them now, got right back into art journalling YAY

  10. Wonderful pages, and I like the little journal size. I've been using Marshas images also they are wonderful and I love supporting her, she is such a neat lady.

  11. I love love love that tiny journal - having seen it in RL - its so - I want to say cute, but that doesn't do it justice because its deliciously arty and filled with colour and gorgeous images and stamping and touchy tags and things!
    I am so understanding what you mean about the blog hopping thing - I am having a lapse in my self imposed ban - hehehe!
    P.S. I'm up to date with September but not prepped October yet - my first lateness! For reasons of time I will blog both together when I get October ready!

  12. Fab pages Kate, I love them. Finished my October pages..........gone for a 'spooky' feel, really pleased with how they turned out. S xxx


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