Wednesday, 16 June 2010

Something different ....

I have had a lotta lotta fun with this, a page in my A4 Moleskine art journal. I have been following the work of Paula aka Journal Artista for a while now, but recently she has been making tutorial videos and uploading them to You Tube. You can see them here. Paula works in a completely different way to the way I do which is why it was such fun to give it a go. This page has so many layers - paint, gesso, rubber stamps, distress inks, more gesso, more stamps, stencils, spray inks, images........... Have a look at Paula's fab videos and have a go yourself :-)

Here is a close up of some of the layers:

And this little beauty was from Marsha at Tumblefish Studios at Deviant Scrap:

Now, I must go to work. Anyone know a quick way to remove gesso and spray inks from fingernails? Quick - I've got to look like a professional in 30 minutes HA HA HA HA!!


  1. This page looks fabulous ! All those layers, must have a nosey at that blog very soon !!

  2. Love this page and thanks for the link, I will have a good look through in a mo.
    I have been sporting jazz blue fingernails for a couple of days nnow so I'm no help! xx

  3. What a great page, sounds like it was fun to create.

  4. wow, i love this. now i have to go look at that blog, too.

  5. For instant results I find Vanish Oxy action works wonders with dyed fingers but you need to use a pan scourer to get gesso off. Harsh on skin though!
    Colours on the pages are definitely worth the pain.

  6. This is gorgeous.... Now I have 'gutted' my room and thrown out all the c**p I might be able to create..x

    PS - Apparently Tim Holtz is bringing out a hand cleaner for just that purpose!*!

  7. Another thing to go on the to do list! Fab page!

  8. Oh my goodness Kate it is WONDERFUL! Yay you even have the same stencil! Too awesomeone! I so how you added that beautiful lady!
    I am so happy you had fun with this. :)
    Much LOVE
    Paula aka Journal Artista

  9. Love this its terrific, Annette x

  10. vanish soap is the answer!!!
    love this pink page :)

  11. I'm off to investigate those tuts, Kate! Love your "experiment" - VERY successful and so pretty! Hugs, Terri xoxo

  12. Yup, another great one Kate, and thnks for the link! I adore all those layers, and your work!

  13. Ooh, luvverly! Can see you are making good use of that new found time you have...!

  14. This is amazing Kate and yes something different.
    I love different,I think shows we are growing as artists.
    It is like it is full of little hidden secrets, this piece.
    I love it !!
    Best wishes getting your nails clean, wish I had the answers. The face I used was a Teesha Moore, I always have to change it. (makes it your own twist)
    Again this was fabulous page and a lot of work.
    Really enjoyed seeing it, you go girlfriend.. LOL
    Your so Creative and Wonderful "different".
    Have a great day, Hugs Laura. xoxx

  15. this came out gorgeously.
    i also think that you could combine your usual style with some of these journaling techniques and make something different again.

  16. it's different but still so you, love the way you blend colour and thanks for your nice comment on my attempts to copy your style, think its beginning to sink in and become a little bit more natural now, :)

  17. Thanks for sharing the beautiful page and the link . I love it - going to have a go soon Ive never been able to get layers right so the tutorial will help. Err try wearing gloves!:) I have blue and pink fingertips and gesso nail varnish at the moment! Nail varnish remover sometimes works! Love your blog
    Maggie Warke

  18. I really love Paula's work as well. You really do some amazing things.

  19. thanks for the link... really interesting. I always thought you looked professional! Ciao

  20. Ok nearly finished the clear out and raring to go....just popped over to let you know that I have left you a wee blog award for all the gorgeousness that you can pick it up over at my place!!! Kirsti x

  21. I've still got "mucky" fingers and nails from last Sunday and added to it on Tuesday, lucky I couldn't go to work on Thurs when they rang me:)
    This page is fantastic just love all the layers, loved your "Bad girl" one too. Thanks for the link I popped over it,s great spent ages looking at Paula's demos.
    Pat xx


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