Sunday, 4 April 2010

Journaling, calendar art and I've been tagged!

Do you know I spend my whole life wishing for more time? I like to imagine that if I had more time I would create art endlessly and I would never run out of ideas :-)  As you know, this week I lost my voice completely - not even a squeak - for three whole days! That stopped me dead in my tracks as I can't teach a class with no voice so I had to come home from school. Great - an ideal opportunity to make art. BUT, somehow I didn't feel like it. I didn't feel ill exactly but I felt (and my sister has the perfect word for this...) limp. Yes, I felt limp. Couldn't be bothered to do anything which is sooo unlike me as normally I can't sit still for any longer than 5 seconds. I tried a bit of journaling but I'm not completely happy with it but here it is anyway. A page I created using my favourite Teesha Moore image, and here it is once I scrawled on it:

Here's another page from my journal using one of Tim's new stamps. I just love this bunny and wanted to put him in my art journal. This page is about the non-arrival of Spring here in the north of England! Still no frogspawn in the pond! Maybe the frogs died in all the cold this year. Hmmmm...... time will tell....

When my 9 year old daughter said she would join in the calendar challenge I went along with it but I didn't think for one moment she would keep it up. But, you know what? She has! Her great opportunity to say 'I told you so'! I'm not allowed to help her of course. Oh no. That would put an end to it immediately. So, I just stand back and let her do her own thing. And here is her March page finished:

And her April page ready to go:

Finally I have been tagged by Sarah aka Mucky Pup here.  I have to show you the 10th picture in my art folder so here it is. This is one of my early ATCs as that is where my mixed media journey began. I made this on 18 April 2008 - I haven't been doing mixed media art for that long really. Some of my early attempts really make me cringe but I looking back at this one I still quite like it. I made the background using the emboss resist technique, one of my favourite techniques at the time.

Right, that's me done for the day. Happy Easter day everyone.


  1. LOVE your journal pages, so cool to see the before and after journaling, amazing how that just completes the page. Your daughter has done an amazing job with her calendars...
    Happy Easter day to you also

  2. Gorgoeus journalling pages and hoping you are feeling heaps better now...typical isn't it? You get the time to sit and create and then feel too rough to do it...well done to your DD too...fabby calendar...looks like she is taking after her clever Mum...Happy EAster hun x

  3. My favorite part about this post was your daughter's calendar challenge--this is so great--I love it!!

  4. Nice one! And your daughter is obviously a chip off the old block. The befores and afters are great, and as to the lost voice - my DH can't wait for me to get a cold and shut up for a bit, lol.

    Happy Happy Easter to you both, and lots of choc eggs!

  5. Wonderful journal pages! So nice to see you daughter participating, her pages are very cute!

    I really love the over/understated stamp, perfect for the page!
    Much Love

  6. Your journal pages are wonderful. It's amazing how our styles change with time Flutterbye crafter and I were looking at one of her journals and remarking on the difference from when she first started.
    Well done to your daughter for keeping up, my grand-daughter completed Feb but hasn't touched it since.
    Pat xx

  7. I love those journalling pages -hope your voice is back to normal. Fab ATC.
    Your daughter's pages are fab too - my niece gave up!! xx

  8. Your pages look wonderful "limp" or not. I'm sorry to hear about the frogs I hope they come back soon.

  9. Hi Kate, hope you're feeling better. No frogspawn down here in Sheffield yet either - and we lost 3 pond frogs to the winter. Mind you, I did get some more aquatic tank frogs - so I will put some pictures on my blog (as your previously requested) :-) Hope to bump into you at AFTH soon.

  10. Great pages from both of you. So nice to see your daughter following in your footsteps

  11. So sorry to hear that you were under the weather and hope that you're feeling much better. Great pages, Kate! Love the image with the tape over her mouth - I think my husband prays so that I'll loose my voice occasionally. Thanks for sharing your daughter's calendar pages - they're awesome. The "art gene" is definitely in her DNA! I'm happy that you were tagged; it's a lovely chance to see some of your earlier works! Happy Easter to you and your family too! Hugs, Terri xoxo

  12. You amaze me!!! You truly do!!

  13. Well Kate, even though you've felt 'limp', and not up to much arting, you've come up trumps here! Both pages are lovely and I like how you journaled around the circles on rabbit page - it looks so balanced and using white in the middle makes it pop.
    Your daughter's pages are great too - how clever and determined she is keeping up with the challenge!
    And you know what - I'm glad you confessed to cringing at some of YOUR early work - I don't feel so bad now when I look at my early cringeworthy pieces! BTW - the ATC is gorgeous, I'd be mighty proud if that was one of my first attempts at mixed media!

  14. Well done eleanor!!i love the colours in your calender.

  15. Hi Kate,
    Lovely journal pages. It still amazes me how alive our pages become once the writing has been done!!
    Your daughter is a star keeping up and her pages are glorious!
    It can be a bit cringworthy looking back at early attempts can't it! - but it shows how far we've come.
    Lesley x

  16. Time seems to be my biggest nemesis as well AND wow, if I could do what you do with my art journal? I would be astounded. :-)

  17. thanks for your comment on my blog....

  18. love it all,especially your old atc, cant beleive you have only been doing this for 2 years, there is hope for me then, LOL. By the way Ive heard that chocolate is really good for the throat it lubricates it, HONEST :)

  19. Kate, your art rocks; I'm such a huge fan! And your daughter rocks, too!
    And more time: my biggest wish!

  20. Hi Kate, I'm your newest follower - just introducing myself :) Your pages are bold & sassy and your blog--enchanting! I l.o.v.e the calendar challenge idea! Is it too late to officially jump in? Jenine


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