Tuesday, 24 November 2009

Work in progress....

I don't know about you, but I get a little bit twitchy if I haven't had chance to get a bit messy with my paints and inks. A little time for my art makes me a nicer person to live with I'm sure LOL! So I started this journal page last night. I began with pinks and oranges but it looked a bit too........nice. It needed something a bit more edgy so I added some green and then some even stronger green, and then some turquoise blue. And then to make the colours really pop I added some distress ink straight from the bottle and splodged it in with my fingers :-)  I have the evidence on my hands today to prove it.
The image came from Itkupilli. I know some of you find these images a bit too spooky but I LOVE them and if I'm going to journal about annoying things then I don't want it to look pretty. So now I get to write on it :-)

I have also been busy with some other things. Here is a glimpse of an easel card I will be doing at my workshop on Saturday using beautiful papers and images from Crafty Individuals:

And have you seen Teesha Moore's new blog post about drawing 4 fun? I couldn't resist trying it. FUN FUN FUN! This is an exact copy of Teesha's I have to say and it's unfinished but maybe I'll have another go soon.

On top of all the other everyday things, we have been stripping wallpaper off in our house this week (when I say 'we' I mean my husband has and I have helped by pointing out all the bits he missed) and the children couldn't possibly miss the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to draw on the walls:

And finally a belated thank you to Ann of the Flutterby Crafter blog for this award:

Do hop over to Anne's blog and have a look at the amazing things she can do with distress inks, metals and grunge board to name a few! She even does journal pages occasionally :-)

Bye for now.............


  1. Loads of lovely stuff there...x

  2. Just love these colours, the way they all blend. I agree with you, I love the images, and particularly what you do with them Kate. Thanks for the shout and your lovely generous comments on my blog. xx PS Love the kids art, you've got some competition there!

  3. This mix of colors is amazing, and will leave such a wonderful impression in my mind today! Thank you for always sharing you creative process.

  4. Oooo, yummy colours! Great stuff going on here by the looks of it all. And I must hop over to Teesha's blog - looks fun! :)

  5. what a great page! very inspiring :)

    i am so loving your blog and flickr - thank you so much for sharing!

    take care.

  6. I, too, get a little antsy when I haven't had studio time in a bit! Love your journal page, and love the fact that you've used your fingers! When we went out to dinner the other night, my manicure was covered with black Stazon Ink!!! Loved Teesha's "girls" - you've done a remarkable job of capturing the spirit of the lesson! Hugs, Terri xoxo

  7. Love the riot of colour Kate and the creepy/spooky character..love it, looking forward to seeing the finished page :) xx

  8. TOO SPOOKY! But love the CI card - that's right up my street LOL!
    I shall have a look at the drawing blog - may help me a bit as I can't draw much!!
    Lovely pics my the children on the bare walls. Shame to cover them up!
    Lesley x

  9. Love the work in progress, especially the journal page, ha ha! Can't wait to see what annoys you! Just imagine if in a hundred years or so, someone is stripping back your walls again and finds those little works of art - how cool! Looking forward to Saturday -hoping to try and get a journal page prepared before then, but busy week ahead...

  10. Your blog is a right treat!

  11. I love these colors Kate!! I know what you mean about not journaling annoying things on pretty pages!

    Taking down wallpaper is a royal pain in the patootie!!! I don't think I will ever have wallpaper again. Love the drawings on the walls - what a blast that must have been!!

    Have a wonderful Thanksgiving Kate!


  12. Hi Kate

    Have you seen the promotion email for Stampington Art Journaling - I think your journal pages have pride of place :-) The link is http://stampington.com/postscript/2009/november/preorder/art_journaling_w10.html
    I can't wait to see the magazine now.

  13. Your journal pages are outstanding and I too adore the itkupilli images. The colours on this page are wonderful, it's amazing how you can make colours work that I would never dream of putting together.

  14. See what I miss when I stay away too long?!! You've really taken off with the journal pages, Kate. So fabulous. And love the image. Your color work is amazing, as always.

    I could fill up that entire page in seconds with ramblings.

    Thanks for your lovely comment on my ATCs. They were great fun.


  15. thanks kate from your comments.yes im still pinching myself!!lol
    loved your work in there too and on here.keep it coming
    debbie xxx


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