Friday, 23 October 2009

More journaling to go . . . .

Just a few more backgrounds ready for some journaling. They will look very different when I've finished especially these next two:

These still need a lot of finishing off - doodling, more colour adding, general messing about LOL! But they're my favourite bits to do so I'm saving the best bits for my half term hol :-)

I used a mixture of images from Teesha Moore , Nancy Baumiller and Cassi . I'm stuck on using images of funky people at the moment but right now that is what is making me happy (not as happy as finishing my dreaded tax return though - yippee!) And that's the point of doing art in my journal. I do it because it makes me happy :-)))))))
Bye for now.


  1. It's such a good idea to pre-prepare your pages. I'm off on holiday in February so will have a go at pre-preparing myself.

    Lovely backgrounds.

    Lesley x

  2. Yeah I am of on holiday in March and want to do some pages to take as well as we are travelling hand lugguage only so no liquids, ie paint, glue,etc and very little room for anything Your pages are beautiful and it is such a good idea being per-prepared...x

  3. great pages hun cant wait to see these babies finished xxxx

  4. Your prepared pages are so lovely. You may have noticed from my blog I can't seem to pre-make pages but with your inspiration I am going to have a go at some this afternoon. You'll see from my blog how I get on.
    Have a lovely holiday.
    Sue x

  5. It's made YOU happy, and ME happy too! Love these pages!!! Hugs, Terri xoxo

  6. The pages are fab-u-lous! They are so good I don't think I'd want to write on them! I like doing the backgrounds best, but I know the writing is important too.
    Have a great half term!
    Sandra x

  7. Great backgrounds Kate, what a lovely time you'll have on your hols finishing those pages :) I did the backgrounds on my last hols and that's as far as I got!!
    Glad you got your tax return done - now you're free to holiday! Yeah! x

  8. Kate you do these so well. Your color choices with the images are perfect!!

    Thank you for all your encouraging comments! :)

  9. I love your journal pages, they're just beautiful. The double page background paint work is stunning, did you use a credit card to get this effect? I've tried to post a comment so many times and haven't been able to access blogger for some reason and I have just given up so many times, hence so long between visits. Thanks for dropping by my place still. Hope you have a lovely break and we'll chat soon.


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