Monday, 1 June 2009

Journaling to my heart's content...(or getting a few things off my chest)

Well, another fun day at dyan's yesterday - the ongoing journaling class. I love going there so much that even though it was gloriously sunny and the temperature was about 25 (believe me that's hot for the north of England) the pull of the paints and the gel medium was just too much! A while ago Dyan did a class on the colour of emotions and this time we were asked to choose a tag which had a colour and a word on it. My tag was yellow and the word was 'hope'. Hmmmm. Yellow is not usually my colour, but you know what? I like it! I do! It was fun to be taken out of my comfort zone and made to think beyond the usual. Recently I have been getting more and more concerned about the state of our country/ economy etc etc and this was worsened recently when we were told that our politicians had been putting in expenses claims for life's little extras such as.......swimming pools......and mortgages that had already been paid off. These are supposedly our great leaders, setting a shining example to us all. To all the people who have lost their homes, jobs, businesses this is one major insult. Anyway, er...., didn't mean to get too political there but journaling is sometimes a litle personal.
If you look closely at my journal page you may just see some scribbling in white underneath the main writing - this is where I wrote the stuff that is not repeatable in public LOL! So, all we have left is HOPE that things will get better (and not worse). The lovely image I found in a magazine a while ago and it has been stashed away until the time was right.
Now, I though I would share this pic with you today. This is our great leader Dyan working REALLY REALLY hard at the journal class yesterday (NOT!)

(Only kidding Dy, you derserve a break :-) )


  1. Ha ha , I was actually just having a quiet reflective moment whilst deep in inspirational thoughts. Thats my story anyway, lmao.
    Word verification for today is yompl. I love it, it will be my new word to describe the above, lol xx

  2. well we do need to stay hopeful in these weird times! love your page! would love to join this cass ;-)

    xox tanya

  3. love your journal page kate! it's beautiful.

  4. I love your journal page!! the splatters in the background, and the focal image are both great!

  5. Wonderful word - Hope - yep its what everyone needs! Love your page and yellow looks good!

  6. Fantastic page, Kate. The colors, thoughts, images. That is a particularly pleasant shade of yellow. Journal pages are always personal . . . bravo to you for putting your thoughts out there for us to share.

  7. I love the depth of this journal page, the closer you look the more detail to be seen ... you're such a talent.


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