Saturday, 4 April 2009

Why does a caged bird sing?

Every now and then (not often, mind you) I do something in neutral colours. See? No bright pink or orange! I felt inspired to do this ATC with a birdcage after reading some of my fab new book - The Art of Personal Imagery - by Corey Moortgat (this book is amazing by the way, I thoroughly recommend it!) Interesting though, Corey sees a birdcage as something which protects and often uses it as a symbol of care and nurture in her art. I see it as quite the opposite - a snare, a trap, an oppressor of freedom. But I suppose that's how symbolism in art works - you see what you want to see.I think there are times when we all feel trapped, or as if our wings have been clipped, tied down by a sense of responsibility; I guess sometimes we just don't want to accept our adult responsibilities. Life in the real adult world can be dull - shopping, cooking, cleaning, working.............when there are other more interesting things to be done :-) Anway, today marks the start of my Easter hols - two weeks off work. Hurray! Two whole weeks of messing about!
I used a bird image from Lisa's altered art and eggs from Paperstreet and added them to my collaged and painted background. Stitching the birdcage shape satisfied my need to add a bit of stitching to everything that I make. I cut out the 'la la la' from my favourite second hand book. Of course I know that birds don't say 'la la la' but this is symbolism and I say 'la la la'!
And finally another little critter inspired by Alisa Burke:
I call this one Cyclops. I went to visit my Mum today and left it hanging from her fireplace as a little Easter gift. I have been making her things for about 35 years so she is quite used to my little oddities appearing in her house!
Off to some Art Journalling with Dyan tomorrow. Yippee! Can't wait!
Congratulations if you're still reading this by the way, I seem to be in chatterbox mode tonight. Thanks to all the lovely people who drop by and read my blog and leave comments. Even had a comment from Bernie Berlin this week WOOP WOOP!

Byeeeeeeeeeeeeeee for now


  1. Hi Kate, I love the bird and the sewn cage, it's wonderful. It's nice to use muted colours every now and then isn't it, perhaps it means we are flexible and can adapt. How exciting that Bernie visited your blog ... of course since I've now met her I know she's truly a beautiful person.

  2. Hey you, nice work. Told you that you would love that book. I fell in love with her work when it was featured in Somerset Memories. Simply gorgeous , I am in awe. xx

  3. Even with neutral tones, your talent shines through. Very inspiring piece. I have the same book, and you are right . . . it's a must have.
    Love, love, love your colorful canvas Cyclops !!! Believe it or not, that book is one I do not have. May have to rethink it after seeing your critters.

    So happy that you have time off. Enjoy your holidays and the freedom to create !!!


  4. You're making me want to dust off my sewing machine and try my hand at making some of these little creatures! Your cyclops is adorable, I bet your mom got a big smile on her face when she discovered it! Have a great holiday break and cram in as much crafting as you can!!!

  5. That book is soooo inspiring,isnt it.
    love your take on the bird/cage theme.....a fab piece of work.

    And cyclops is just so much these little critters.

  6. oh i love these little oddities you make! they are too cute! i might give them a go when i find time!

    thanks for the comment you left :-)
    i'll let you know if i ever get the bite hihi!
    x tanya

  7. Wonderful work! So gorgeous! :o)


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