Tuesday, 7 April 2009

Why are we waiting????

Couldn't wait to use this image from http://www.lisasalteredart.com/ . I have no idea what they are waiting for, I'm not that deep. Really, they just look like they are standing in line waiting for a party to begin. Or maybe the entertainer didn't show. My Mum is with me at the moment - she says they look like anxious evacuees. Hmmmm, she is way deeper than me :-)
I used my fave paints - Claudine's of course - added a few stamped bits and a few splats with a paintbrush (very satisifying) before my usual bit of random stitching. I'm having a beeswax phase so everything is getting a good dollop of beeswax at the moment. I am such a gadget girl and I get to use not ONE but TWO gadgets - my meltpot and my mini Clover iron. Ahh, that makes me happy :-))
Now, this is one of the things I did at Dyan's workshop on Sunday. We had to make these colour cards and we talked lots about what different colours mean to us and what colours different people are. That's where it gets tricky..................... But these are cute aren't they? Unfinished as yet, I need to add some words and some prompts.
I think I am possibly a green person with a hint of blue.......................or maybe a blue person with a hint of green..........................erm...............I'm still working on the theory.
Bye for now


  1. The girls on your ATC look like they're getting in trouble from the school headmistress - maybe they're waiting to be disciplined? I love your coloured backgrounds and know I'm not a yellow or orange person ... had my colours done once and I'm autumn colours without the yellows & oranges, go figure! Have fun with your family over Easter.

  2. A wonderful piece of work - love all the elements and the design...the stitching really does finish the piece.

  3. The children were always so serious in those days. Mine would have been pulling faces...and thinking how hilarious they were!!!
    I'm a bright colour girl myself, love purples, lime greens and blues. I know they are the ones that suit me and bring me alive. Definitely not yellow so don't know what Dyan would make of that.

  4. What a great blog! Love your artwork... Deb (amusing muses)


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