Friday, 13 March 2009

Do something funny for money........

Well, it's Comic Relief Day here in the UK, a day when we're all supposed to do something funny for money. In other words, you can dress up be as silly as you like but it's ok because IT'S ALL FOR CHARITY :-) I made the above ATC in honour of the occasion. It's nowhere near as orange as it looks in the photo, more yellow and red. I used an image from Shelly's wonderful Flickr group (Is it just me or does anyone else have a slight pang of guilt when altering a lovely old photo? Sometimes I feel just a teeny weeny bit disrespectful - or is that just because I am English LOL ?!)
And just to prove I did something funny for money, here I am on the way to work in my pyjamas! We had a pyjamas and bad hair day at school today organised by the children. What a fab idea! The bad hair was no problem for me at all - every day is a bad hair day when you have enough hair for at least 3 people, and as for the pyjamas - what can I say? I'd spend every day in my PJs given half a chance. Erm, if I'm honest the 'Wild Thing' logo on my PJs is probably a bit of an overstatement.......................


  1. cuuuuuuuuuuuuute! hihi! good on you!
    xox :-)

  2. Ha !! Too cool - pj day at school.
    The kids must have been a bit unruly running around in their sleepwear.

    Congrats on the home page at aatcuk. Quite an honor to be featured there.

    Yep, I feel slightly guilty, too, if I alter those vintage folk. Could never bring myself to put fairy or butterfly wings on a guy.


  3. How cool do you look with your PJs and red nose ... hope it was a fun day.

  4. LOLOLOLOL You are a real treat! Lots of fun to be had I'm sure! Love this ATC too! Great work!


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