Wednesday, 31 December 2008

Hmmm..not sure about this one...

Sometimes when I create something it comes together really quickly and it feels spontaneous and I'm happy with the result but sometimes I spend hours on it and I'm still not happy with it. I thought I would share it the results of my labours with you anyway - I shall share my successes, my failures and my 'not quite sures'! I think I don't like it because it's not in my usual bright colours. Even my 6 year old son passed comment that it looked dreary (everyone's an art critic in this house). Anyway, here are some of the stages of the process. I started with a piece of card collaged with some old text and painted it in traditional tan and painterly pink, with some touches of darker brown and pink. Note my very professional paint palette LOL!
I then sprayed a mixture of water, walnut distress ink re-inker and Blonde Moments pearl lustre powder. This gives a lovely shimmery finish. I edged with a sponge and brown stazon.

I then masked some of the ATC with a scrap of paper (I'm never very accurate in how I do these things) and added some text with a Crafty Individuals stamp.

This gave me text in just some areas of the ATC:

I used a Crafty Individuals image and made a transfer on contact paper. I only had patterned contact paper - you can just about see some squares on this photo. I deliberately scratched some of the image off the reverse to give it a distressed look. (Thanks to the wonderful Shelly of papermischief.blogspot for the advice on how to do this). It took me a while to work out what contact paper was. Isn't it just sticky back plastic reminiscent of Blue Peter?!!

Finally I pieced it all together, adding an irregular piece of mica over the image, some stitching (I always like to add stitching) and some Prima flowers. I found a bit of real lute tablature in an old music encyclopedia which I put under the mica. Maybe it will grow on me, we'll see.
Now, with reference to my last post about the crow on my journal page. My husband came home from work and said 'I looked at your blog. It's not a crow, it's a rook'. So, now you know - it's not a crow after all, it's a rook. I stand corrected. (Still looks like a crow to me).
Thanks for visiting and leaving me some comments. I get giddy with excitement when I see have comments on my blog. At least I know I am not alone out there in cyber space................


  1. Well hold on tight Mrs Giddy, he're another comment lol

    I LOVE this. 'Dreary' is good (6 year olds are the best critics- I have one of those too lol)and in this case the soft sobre colours are fabulous. I bet in RL it has a beautiful shimmer too.I must try out the contact paper technique. Thanks for the inspiration :0)

    Happy 2009 :0)

  2. Kate, your card is GREAT !! I love the softer colors. It just doesn't feel "right" to you because it is a deviation from your normal palette AND you tried a new technique. Applause for you. The transfer is excellent - love the squares, gives it a sort of embossed look. I may try to find some of that type myself.
    The bird is a crow to me, too.
    Happy New Year !!!!!

  3. I love this too! Looks really great!
    Happy New Year, Kathryn! :o)

  4. Wow! The colors are great and I love the image.


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