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Gratitude Junk Journal 2023

Let's Draw!
A pre-recorded class about all things drawing....

Hosted on Vimeo
Fully downloadable
A mixed Media Art Journaling class
using the Mixed Media journal by Grafix

A mixed media art journaling class, celebrating the wonderful Dura-Lar mixed media journal by Grafix. The Grafix journal contains various unique pages - Clear, Matte, and Wet Media Dura-Lar, White Opaque and Black Opaque Dura-Bright. All fabulous for mixed media techniques!
*  6 Videos
*  7 pages
*  Clear step-by-step instruction


I have been promising this class for ages and I finally got round to it so woohoo! And to those who have been waiting, thank you for your patience :-)
This is a pre-recorded class, held on Vimeo (free to join!), where you can view the videos and/or download them to your own device.

Mini class - Book in a Bag!
Hosted on Vimeo
Fully downloadable

August 2022
Recording now available

March 22
Recording now available

Jan 2022
Recording now available

Dec 2021
Recording now available

*Recording now available

*Recording now available

May 21
Recording now available

Pre-recorded class

Circles are a wonderful ‘friendly’ shape that lend themselves so easily to doodling and drawing so this class is dedicated to circles, circular designs, mandalas and garlands. Mandalas are traditionally a circular design with religious/spiritual origins and would have originally been highly detailed and very accurate. This is my more whimsical take with a loose, relaxed and colourful feel. Repetitive designs are incredibly soothing and relaxing to draw, and by simply repeating symbols around a circle new patterns begin to emerge which is a fascinating and magical process. This is the epitome of MINDFULNESS, the true art of concentrating on purpose, and quite possibly the most relaxing thing you have ever done. 

*Recording now available

*Recording now available

*Recording now available

Journal Soup 3 - The Croutons
-Further adventures in loose leaf art journaling-

In Journal Soup 3 we will continue our messy, playful, mixed-media journey into loose-leaf art journaling.

As the title suggests, there is a bit of everything - painting ... printing ... drawing ... collage.. and COLOUR, LOTS OF COLOUR! 

This is a completely stress-free, no-pressure, fun approach to art journaling. There are no specific materials required, and I always try to offer alternatives. 

The class comes with a supportive pdf and several downloads including templates for collage and drawing ;-) After purchase you will be sent an email from me including the pdf and downloads for you to print out. As well as this you will be sent instructions to join the private group on Vimeo where you will find videos of 7 pages step-by step, covering different techniques, because as the name suggests I like to flit around from one technique to another. Why stick to one when there’s so much to enjoy? 
Videos are suitable for beginners and experienced alike. 
All 7 pages are filmed step-by-step with extra on-screen instruction. 
You will need some basic computer skills and a high speed internet connection.


A mini-sized mixed-media on-line class about all thing marvelously miniature! 


In Journal Soup 2 we will continue our messy, playful, mixed-media  journey in loose-leaf art journaling, or as I like to say, journaling outside of the journal ☺ Come and join me on this colourful art journaling adventure.
Videos available to view on Vimeo or to download top your own device.

Journal Soup 1 
*This class was originally part of 21 Secrets 2013 but I am now offering Journal Soup as a stand-alone class*
Lets climb out of the box and do some loose-leaf journaling! Free yourself from boundaries and restrictions, and enjoy the freedom of journaling outside of the journal. By my own admission I am fickle and flighty when it comes to journaling, following my instincts and playing with different ideas and techniques as the mood takes me so in this class we will experiment with a multitude of different techniques and a host of different substrates, using a variety of paints, inks, stencils, rubber stamps and pastels. Add some stitching, try your hand at drawing, stamp carving ..... anything goes! We're going to throw it all into a hugely colourful pot and make journal soup! 

What do people say about my on-line classes? Read on!

Thanks, Kate. I'm loving Journal Soup 1.  You explain things so well and I love all the tricks & tips to add to my work. As someone else mentioned, your voice is very soothing and easy to listen to

Thanks for taking the trouble to make the videos it makes the world a better place. Sue

Hi Kathryn

I take a lot of online classes and yours are def one of my favorites!
Your art style is delightful, your voice is so relaxing and calming to listen to and the way you explain each step is second to none. I really love how you "do less is more" , i am going to try restraint with my own style because your tiny touches work wonderfully 

Excellent class! Kate is a wonderful teacher!

Awesome class...lots of great info! Lee-Ann

Love Kate's style and this class is so much fun.

Brilliant class Kate, I love your whimsical style something I need to work on! Kate's videos and instructions were clear and easy to follow. Her use of usual items was genius! Thanks
I love to watch the instructions! So useful and inspiring! Thanks again for sharing your ideas! Hugs, Britta!

This is a wonderful class and worth every penny! You won't be disappointed with all the techniques you will learn along with step by step instructions from one of the best teachers I've come across for an online class. Cathie

I love Journal Soup1 and I also love this course! Kate is an expert in explaining things in a way everyone can understand! Thank you Kate!! Linda

I have watched the intro and part of lesson 1 and now really want to buy a heat too. I loved Journal Soup 1 and cannot wait to try all the techniques you teach in Journal Soup 2. Thank you so much for offering these classes. You are a wonderful teacher! Jean

Loving this course. Danielle

I am loving the class! Robyn

After a long absence from being arty journal soup has got me going again! Maggie

Kate I had such fun, thank you so much! Biggest tip was the colour wheel I'd have never put green as this background. Louise

.... you've opened my eyes to art journalling. I'm so glad to have found a teacher who is English and explains things slowly and clearly. No disrespect to our USA cousins but we Brits understand our own language when it comes to art materials etc that bit better. Thanks Kate Crane!

Really enjoyed this, feeling inspired and I've a shopping list the length of my arm now! Louise

I love your style of teaching. Lois

Highly recommend! Loving it. Danielle

Just finished the first class after a lovely day playing around with these ideas Kate. It was great to take time over it. Actually completed a couple of art journal pages too! Loving it! Chris

I love art journaling and I particularly love Kate's work. I've been lucky enough to attend some of her workshops. She's a great teacher. Looking forward to this second Journal Soup. Chris 

Fab class by a fab teacher. Kirsti

I love owls and Kate's way of drawing whimsical suits me perfectly. Tracy

Kate your class is actually helping me find my style which is much more than I anticipated. Danielle

Loved this class! She's awesome! Mel'odee

Love this course! Kate is an excellent teacher! She explains everything very clearly! I recommend!! Linda

Hi Kate,
What a great online class.  I am loving it.  
Thank you. 

Hi Kate
Just finished watching this class and I absolutely loved it. Jam packed with inspiration.
Thanks for teaching. It is appreciated!!
Kind regards

Just finished your 21 Secrets workshop and I wanted to say a huge THANK YOU!!!!! What a ton of info you've shared with us and it's great to see how you work.

I know you've had heaps of compliments but I really must say again how wonderful your workshop was.  As I look back through my journal I can see improvement - even my daughter commented that my work was 'better'.  Having the ability to look at the videos, listen to your instructions and watch you create has been so, so helpful.  Thank you for sharing your skill.  You are an inspiration.

oh my gosh Kate, you have saved me!!!  I've been so resistant to working in a journal and to have you tell us it's ok to make separate things and keep them in a box (I love containers) was just the thing I needed to hear!

I have re-watched this vid so many times i am wearing you out Kate.  love journal soup.

Kate the video is amazing!  I have watched it twice now and taken notes - there is so much information in there. I am really feeling inspired and cant wait to get started.

What a fun, fun class this has been.

Your videos have really inspired me to get back to art , I had really lost the passion for a while there, thank you again :)
I love your style, and I am so inspired after watching your video.  You did a  great job! I appreciate your clear speaking, explanations, and demos of the techniques. I love the idea of the open box journal, so I have started about a dozen pages already, and selected the box I'll use to start with.
Wonderful class Kate, I have learned so many new things here,  I have never felt that I could do something good with ink and acrylic paint, but now I liked to work with both of them, I really enjoyed your class - thanks Kate.

I'm working on your last lesson now and I must say I've really enjoyed your contributions.  You explain everything well.  I love the colours you use. I love your style.  I'll definitely keep returning to your blog/website for a feast of gorgeousness in the future.

Just loved Your video!!!!  It is such an inspiration. Your voice is so soothing, the quality is a bliss.      


  1. Just signed up! Thanks so much for doing this - I love when artists do this. I have done 21 secrets once and found the content was so widely varying I was not necessarily interested (nor had the time) to do them all so it was a waste of money for me to try and do a class that large and all encompassing! Not that it is a waste for everyone - I know it's a really fabulous workshop each year!

  2. Allready joined the facebook group and signed up for the class. Can't wait.

  3. Hi! I must have missed my info for the class - can you re-send it pezadoole@gmail.com? Thank you!

    1. Will do Pezadoodle. Do let me know if you don't get it. x

    2. Hi again Pezadoodle. Just checking - this is different to the email on your paypal account so it may have gone to a different e-mail. Also, is the spelling of your e-mail above correct?! I just had my e-mail returned ... I'll try again.

  4. Kate, congratulations doing an online class...why is the video not downloadable? so how long does one have access to it please?

  5. Hi Kate, congratulations on doing an online class...Why is the video not downloadable and for how long does one have access to it please? (I take ages to get round to completing anything, as you know with my calendar challenges!!)

    1. Hi there dragonriding. I don't offer my classes as downloadable, but you do get lifetime access sp you get plenty of time to complete it!

  6. Hi Kate
    I would like to do this class but 2 things.... can I just pay through Visa? (I have a huge allergy to PayPal!) and can I receive emails to my Gmail addy?

    1. Hi De, I'm sorry but I have no idea how to accept payments through Visa :-( But yes, you could receive e-mails to a gmail account. Kate

    2. Kate I have managed to pay with my credit card through Pay Pal without joining them, so am looking forward to the class as soon as the payment clears to you!

  7. I would like to know how much time is this online class? How many hours are in this class. You said the video is not downloadable, but will be accessible? thanks

  8. Hi Stephanie, Journal Soup 1 runs for 1:07 and you see several pages completed step-by-step. It is not downloadable but will be accessible indefinitely. Journal soup 2 is not quite ready yet. but it is going to be much longer, running as three videos at approx 45 - 60 minutes each. There will be 6 journal pages completed step-by-step and there will also be downloadable help sheets to accompany the class. Hope that helps. Kate x

  9. hi kate: just blogged about my angels in Journal Soup 1. can't wait for Journal Soup 2 but won't be joining facebook group. :( will just post any artwork to my blog. so love you girl. counting down the days

  10. Journal soup 2 sounds amazing!!!

  11. I wanted to sign up, however, I wasn't able to get to the appropriate page. I did a lot of clicking....

    1. Hi Dana, Not sure why as I have checked the links and they appear to be working! But here is the direct link: https://www.etsy.com/uk/listing/202052249/journal-soup-2-the-journey-continues-an?ref=shop_home_active_1

  12. What kind of paper do you have to use for this project? I don't know if I have the right paper for it :)

    Thanks in advance!

    1. Hanneke, I'm sure you'll have the right kind of paper, as this whole project is based on using recycled cardboard such as cereal boxes! Recycled cardboard is my favourite!

  13. Hello Kate I have bought journal soup 1 and joined Vimeo and clicked on "follow me" button but couldn't find an email address for you except here so u can join me?
    Regards Rhonda Shields
    Email is: forgetthedust@yahoo.com.au

    1. Hi Rhonda, I added you to the class earlier today and I can see that you are already in the group. I sent you another email. kate x

  14. How long is the Miniature Marvels class? It would be helpful if that info was included in class description. Thanks. Valerie

    1. Hi Valerie. The videos run in total for approx 70 minutes. The info is included in the class description on Etsy here: https://www.etsy.com/uk/listing/249091033/on-line-mini-class-marvelous-miniatures?ref=shop_home_active_3
      Thank you!

  15. Where do you get the matchboxes? I have a sizzix die, is this what you use? I'm intrigued.

  16. Jane - sorry, for some reason blogger won't allow me to reply to comment! I buy the matchboxes as blanks on-line - they are readily available and cheap too! You could use the sizzle die but I'm all about instant gratification!

  17. Hi Kate, I bought your classes several years ago and think they are great - I haven't been on vimeo for a while but just wanted to refresh my memory on the classes but after logging onto my vimeo account there is no sign of the classes. Have I missed something!!!!! Please help me out. Many thanks Kate

  18. Hey there 'anonymous'! The classes are still there, and still in the same place. If you let me know your vimeo user name I'll look into it for you, but at the moment from this comment I have no idea who you are LOL! You could email me? (Address in sidebar)

  19. Hi Kate, I would like to know how buy your journal soup 2 class. On etsy shop there is unavailabe. Thanks.

    1. Hi Giulia, Sorry for the delay - I was away teaching for the weekend. I close my Etsy shop if I am away teaching but the shop is now open again and the classes are available. Thanks!

  20. Hi Kate
    I purchased one of your classes a few years ago - I live in Australia so it would be on-line or download. I am not sure if you can help me as it was ages but how do we access our classes? If this goes to far back and too hard to work out that's fine. I know I have it 'somewhere'.

    kind regards


    1. Hi Dorothy. If you could email me I can make sure you get access to the class: crane.kate@yahoo.com


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