Friday 12 January 2024

Drawing and painting on the go!

Happy new year everyone! Hope you are all managing to wade your way through January. I think it probably depends where in the world you live but the gloomy dark days here in the UK can be a bit of a challenge in January. Roll on spring!

Anyway, thought it was time I shared some of the contents of my Travellers Notebook. I have worked in a TN on and off for many years bur recently I got hold of the passport size. Game changer! This fits easily into my bag wherever I am going so I am never without a book and a pen. As a self confessed natural born fidget I don't like sitting still even for just two minutes, I always need something to do so, ta-dah! Sketchbook always on hand ;-)

Here are some mandalas on my watercolour insert - in progress and then with watercolour added in my usual scruffy style:


Oh, and if a mandala technically doesn not fit on a page I don't let that stop me! Nothing wrong with half a mandala.

And here's peek inside at a few other pages, also in my watercolour insert .... 

But of course there is more than the watercolour insert (and oh yes, I do have several inserts, of course I do!) The accordion fold is fabulous and great for collage and messy stuff ... like this:

Oh, and one more thing. If you always carry it with you and fancy a bit of urban sketching on your travels you won't be short of somewhere to draw!

Er .... another scruffy watercolour lol!

As I said, this TN goes everywhere with me. It feels so intensely personal. Of course, I also have several other inserts full of scrawling and scribblings and STUFF :-) 

Keep en eye out for new classes being released very soon for 2024 .... there may just be a TN based one ... maybe .... just saying ;-)


  1. This is absolutely gorgeous! I love the accordion fold as an insert and the figures you drew are amazing!! ❤️

  2. Love all the pages you share here, thanks for this peak into your little notebooks!

    Happy new creative year!


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