Tuesday, 6 December 2022

My ceramics journey...

Earlier this year I began tinkering with clay. Or playing with mud as I like to think of it! And I really got the bug.

The thing about ceramics is that there is sooo much that can go wrong and this can be a little trying for a control freak like me.  Warping as the clay dries, warping in the kiln, kiln explosions, freaky glaze combinations, glazes that run when you don't want them to ... I could go on. But there is also the excitement of seeing how things turn out. Glazes look totally different once they're fired so it is always a surprise.

I started with hand building (which I love BTW) and progressed to the wheel. Oh, and the wheel is where things can go really wrong really fast LOL! The wheel is great but there is something adorable about eating from your own slightly wonky hand-formed plates.

I have so much to learn but hey, I'm not in a rush.

A few lanterns: 

They look so cool when lit up:



A vase with a 'button':

Hand formed pinch pot. I just love pinch pots - they're irregular, wonky and lovely lol!

Wheel throw mugs ... with a birdie of course!

A bowl thrown on the wheel, then glazed, waxed and glazed again:

Cute cute cute little hand-formed biscuit plates. Like a side plate but smaller. CUTE!


And finally... I made some holly to add to a Christmas wreath, and I had a few leftover ;-)

Thanks for letting me share my little sideline. There are a few items in my Etsy if you're interested :-)



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