Friday, 4 June 2021

Wanderlust - yes, you are a poet!


It's my turn over on Wanderlust 2021 again ... as guest host this year this is lesson 3 out of 6 for me.

This time the theme is poetry and yes, WE ARE ALL POETS! My focus is on 'found poetry' as that takes away a lot of the anxiety over creating a poem.

Here's something I think about quite a lot ... As adults we definitely lose confidence especially around creativity. I used to teach young children in schools for many years and if you ask a class of 6 and 7 year olds 'who can write a poem?' they will nearly all give you an enthusiastic 'yes!'. Same response if you ask 'who can draw a face?' 

But ask adults and you get a different answer usually. I think fear of failure holds us back. And perhaps being scarred from criticism somewhere along the way.

So, in this lesson I say we are all artists and we are all poets. I give you permission to create!

If you signed up for Wanderlust 21 don't forget to check it out in the classroom today :-)


  1. This is lovely Kate. Love the soft colours and your flowers.
    I love writing 'simple' poetry. Now you've got me thinking I should try using bits of it in some of my creations. Haven't heard of Wanderlust before, intrigued to find out more.x

  2. Wonderful class. All of your classes are wonderful. I love your way of working and your calm and informative teaching style !!! Thank you...


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