Thursday, 14 June 2018


Ooh masks can be a bit spooky and creepy can't they?! When I taught at the latest Ministry of Mixology event (fabulous event but the way!), there was a theme of 'masks' on the first 'meet and greet' evening. I racked my brains for a while thinking about what to do, and then I came across a plain white plastic masquerade mask (for my UK friends - this was £1 fromThe Works! Bargain!)

After a coat of gesso I used the *new* DecoArt Americana Premium acrylics in: Primary Magenta, Primary Yellow, Cobalt Turquoise Hue, as the colours are so pigmented you really do get beautiful bright colours.

A bit of stencilling, finger painting, and stamping using stamps by Andy Skinner, along with some doodling using Posca pens, and some final touches of glitter and a few feathers.

I gave the whole thing a few coats of spray varnish to protect it a little and it left a beautiful satin sheen too :-)


  1. This is so fun! Love it! Which size Posca pen nib do you prefer? Fine or bullet?

  2. Lynda, it won't surprise you to know I have Poscas in all sizes! I use 5M for colouring larger areas but also have some 3M, and have recently discovered the very fine one in white which I love.


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