Thursday, 28 January 2016

More finishing off ...

Every now and then I go back and try to finish off all the half done incomplete pages in my journals. It is an on-going battle because as I am completing some pages I will be simultaneously creating more half done pages!

This is a page in my Midori Travellers notebook (LOVE my planners!) I love that this page sits next to a page of boring- to-do lists or maybe a shopping list!

I started this back in August last year but just added a bit more ... as you do ...

Now I need to go and finish off of the other half finished projects I've got lying around the house. *sigh* it's never ending ...!


  1. Such a lovely page Kate! I myself don't have much unfinished pages... I'm such a 'beginning-to-end person'... there's only a few unfinished pages in an old journal and you inspired me to take those out and work on it this weekend.... thanks! Have a great weekend!

  2. What a really nice page! Love the colors and mark making. May I ask wich Midori insert (wich paper) you use for mixed media art journaling?

    1. It's refill 12 - the sketch paper. It's lovely and thick:

    2. Thank you! Is that the one with perforated pages? I didn't buy it before because I was afraid the pages will easily tear out as I want them to keep in the journal. You know what I mean? But they stay in place?

    3. Oh yes, even thought they're perforated they stay in place.


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