Tuesday, 20 January 2015

Art journaling ... every day ...

Over on Facebook, I was tagged, and asked to show some art every day for 5 days, tagging others along the way. So I had a root around to find art which I haven't already posted, and I found Mr Fox. I painted him with acrylics over a collaged and painted background. (The clock is from a catalogue!)

And as part of my art journaling classes at Art from the Heart (Harrogate UK) we did some collage using images by kind permission of Nancy Baumiller aka Crowabout Studio B at Mischief Circus (previously known as Deviant Scrap). If you haven't visited Mischief Circus then you must! You must! There are hundreds and hundreds of digital collage images fro your art ... you can lost for hours over there ....

And now I must go and get back to my tax return (can you hear me sobbing?) Byee for now ....


  1. I just love your fox,
    and what a great background :)

  2. Really must book on one of your journalling classes very soon... :-) xxx

  3. Hi Kate, so happy I was able to visit your awesome blog today...haven't been able to do much with my puter as it's been acting up for some time now. It's off to the guy at Access Independance where I used to work for him to do his magic...eheheh Blessings and much love sent your way dear.

  4. Both journal pages are fantastic.
    Good for you in taking the challenge.

  5. Love this! Your fox man is so cool and I always love your backgrounds.

  6. These are both vibrant and full of life. The colours use on the Mr Fox art are great. Love it thanks

  7. These two pieces are gorgeous, Your Mr Fox looks very a very refined, well mannered fox and your collage lady is great, I especially love her hat and skirt. Your backgrounds are brilliant too Thank you for sharing these lovely creations. Thanks to Pinterest, I am delighted to have found your blog and am looking forward to looking through more of your posts.
    Warmest best wishes from across the miles in France,
    aka Luvcreatincards

  8. fabulous pages kate and must come to one of the whimsical animals classes. Love your page.
    x catherine

  9. Great pages- but have to say - I just love your fox! he is so sweet! xo

  10. Your page with the fox is adorable.
    The background is gorgeous .
    Beautiful color use. Very inspiring. Thanks for sharing Anneke.

  11. What paper do you print your Mischief Circus collage images on please?

  12. Can I ask what sort of paper you print the Mischief Circus collage elements on?

    1. I always use a coated paper: http://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B004BTTSPO/ref=sr_ph?ie=UTF8&qid=1422871343&sr=1&keywords=coated+paper

  13. I adore the fox page! It's so lovely! I need to get back into Art Journaling! It's something I started one day when my mum suggested I join her in doing some pages when I had a migraine and it seemed to calm my head down and make me relaxed. This page makes me want to do some more! xx


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