Monday 29 October 2012

Quick mini journaling ...

Images by Nancy Baumiller
Stencil by Balzer Designs

Half term is finally upon us. Hurray! That means no work, routine, or getting out of bed for a week. I'm going to have looaads of extra free time for art, (or maybe not; my kids are at home too!!) But I managed to sneak into my craft room for a very quick bit of journal play this afternoon before dinner time duties called ......

I found this fab quote in a vintage book. I always find the best quotes when I am looking for something else.

There's quite a few layers under here, including some old sheet music. The rest of the layers are gesso, Paper Arsty Fresco Finish paints. Golden paints, and Liquid acrylics. Lots of junk stamping and splats:

Right, I've got two extra children sleeping here tonight so I'm off to blow up airbeds! Byeeee ...


  1. Hi Kate
    I saw that you are teaching a Gelli Plates class and have watched their YouTube tutorial - but as I'm in West Wales it wouldn't be possible to get to it !
    I just wondered if you could explain why one would choose to print onto a page rather than paint directly into my journal ? Does it give a different effect ? Do you use it for different things ? Is it not for journalling ?
    Just wanted to understand it a bit better before I put it on my Christmas list ! Any insight or advice would be brilliant ! Many thanks Ali

    1. Hi Ali, Yes, it's very different to painting straight onto a page. It's all about effects! You can build up multiple layers and create some fab effects with it - very different to painting onto a page. It's quite addictive! Kate

  2. Love it!! We just went back to school after 2 weeks off...Yayyy!! Enjoy your week of..xx

  3. So cool Kate :) You re so clever to squeeze in such creative brilliance inbetween domestic "bliss" chores.....

  4. As always fabulous and inspirational!! Hugs Juls

  5. Sounds like you've got your hands full tonight. Your page is gorgeous and your right its a great little caption too. I've got to try those fresco paints I have not got any. I'm missing not being in any classes at AFTH, I'm having withdrawal symptoms! I miss you all. Michelle xx

  6. Gorgeous Page, just love those bold arrows and the just visible sheet music. Great colours with all those paint mediums.

  7. Very beautiful and very cool this work kate. Love it.
    Lovely greet

  8. Love the vivid colours of this page, and the quote too ... reminds me of Mother Teresa's saying "let's do something beautiful for God".

  9. Always enjoying visiting your blog! You really do make it look so easy! :) Have a wonderful week off!!! Looking forward to more:)

  10. what a fun little book, and you are right...a great quote from the vintage book! and always love your colors...

  11. I totally love these bright colours.. hm, I'm a sucker for orange/red/pinks... gorgeouuuus!!!! Blowing airbeds, ohmy - I remember that! I'm lucky my son moved out - he can blow his own airbeds for his friends now hahaaa... have a nice 'free' week Kate! Enjoy, enjoy while the kids are still home (time flies, you know!)

  12. Beautiful colors, and I love the arrows on the right, and the quote too. Just a great page overall.


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