Thursday 28 June 2012


A couple of weeks ago I received an e-mail from the lovely peeps at Stampington asking if they could feature my blog on their newsletter - Postscript. Well, I had to think about that for about a nanosecond, and then I said of course they could! Yayayayayay! Like many of you I am totally in love with Stampington publications so it is a real privilege to be involved in this way.

What really delights me about this is that it is the result of a poll, so the readers chose my blog. I am totally humbled, and very honoured by this.

If you don't receive a Stampington newsletter, why not?!! You can click here for all the info. You can choose which of the several newsletters you would like to receive, and they won't block up your inbox. It is relevant info about all of your favourite artists, publications and products. The newsletter 'Postscript' is sent out just twice a month and contains:

FREE article and vintage ephemera downloads, featured handmade DIY projects, how-to video tutorials, contests, and endless inspiration.

Here's a little snippet from the latest newsletter, 'Postscript':

Fan Poll Results: Blogs in the Spotlight
We asked our fans what artistic blogs they visit for photographic inspiration, words of wisdom, and crafty projects. We were thrilled to see that some of our Stampington artists made the list! Thanks to everyone who participated in our online poll. Visit us on facebook for more polls, crafty tips, and to connect with likeminded artists.

Our fans' favorite online spaces, as voted by YOU:

A Creative Mint

Photograph by Leslie Shewring

Kelly Rae Roberts

Artwork by Kelly Rae Roberts

Kate Crane

Artwork by Kate Crane

Visit Leslie's blog to see more!
Visit Kelly's blog to see more!
Visit Kate's blog to see more!

As you can see, I'm in very good company *gulp*!

Thanks to everyone who voted for my blog, I am truly delighted. Now, is it too early to celebrate with a little sherry?! 



  1. hic hic, hope the sherry hit the spot. Very well deserved Kate, your art is wonderful and should be shared with as many people as possible, congratulations xx

  2. YAY! Well done you, but why not? Your blog is fab Kate


  3. Maybe just wait another hour and then it's sherry time! Not only are you very...very talented but you're a really nice generous person too. You made a very good first impression on me the day I met you at Art from the Heart, you offered to get me some Posca pens from Ripon and send them in the post to me. Your positiveness comes through your art and it keeps you coming back for more. Well done on your blog spotlight. Michelle x

  4. Congrats....that's a great honour! Enjoy this and the sherry :-)

    greetings, Alie :-)

  5. It's never too early to celebrate Kate - pass on the wine! Congrats!!!

  6. Ditto Marit! What a wonderful happening-congratulations!

  7. That is so great! Massive congratulations from one devoted voter... how wonderful!

  8. Sod the sherry, get the champagne out! Yaaay! And I can say I knew you when... and designed your blog, so am basking in the glow (just a little, lol)

  9. Congrats Kate!! I do receive the newsletter and I always vote-I voted for yours and yay you won!!See you soon for the calendar link up :)

  10. Well deserved indeed. I didn't see the poll, somehow, but I would have voted for you!!.

  11. Congrats Kate! You deserve it...

  12. Congratulations once more Kate, you must feel so proud, I agree with Michele your are also a lovely, talented lady and so generous. xx

  13. Congratulations Kate, more than well deserved my lovely x

  14. Kate, What exciting news and so well deserved. Your talent and kindness are so deserving of all the accolades that come your way. The buttons on your blouse must be popping off with gratefulness. Enjoy every minute of your success. Diane

  15. What an honour for them Kate to have your blog in their mag. Truly deserved and such a boost to your chosen path. Hip Hip Hooray. xxx BTW thanks for the info about the newsletter too, I'm off to take a peek when I've got my washing in. xx


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