Wednesday, 1 December 2010

November finished and a tag challenge

Images, words and ink sprays by Dylusions

Over on Dyan's blog there is a new Christmas tag challenge. You have to take one bird, one funny saying, one charm, and one Christmas word (I know, I know I forgot to add the word - does that mean I am disqualified?!) and make a Christmas tag in 15 minutes. Yikes! That's the hard bit for me, I am the slowest worker EVER. Anyway, I stuck to it because I had to - I'm off to work in a moment! The images are all abailable here Fun! Have a look at Dyan's blog and join in the fun.

Now, here is November all finished:.

All you double clickers out there will notice that we had a guinea pig fatality on 28th November. My old boy Geoffrey the guinea pig reached a grand old age of 7, so we'll miss him.

I'd like to say that my December pages are a work in progress but that would be a complete exaggeration as I haven't even started. Hmmmm, will get on to it a.s.a.p.

If you have kept up with the challenge all year CONGRATULATIONS!! I'm giving you fair warning here the end of December I think you should blog all 12 pages of the year so we can all see the whole year.  Even if you only joined in part way through maybe you'd like to blog what you have so far?

Many people have asked if the challenge will continue next year. Well, I'm going to keep join so do join me if you fancy it. If you don't know what this is all about then look here, and if you live in the UK then get yourself a copy of Craft Stamper due in the shops this Friday because I've done an article all about it!!

Right, off to battle my way through the snow to get to work. Byeeeeeeee


  1. The article is great. I enjoued reading it. Well done.

  2. Yes and a very good article it is too!!
    Love that tag - the quote is fab.
    Sorry to hear about Geoffrey, but your pages are fab even with sad news. The leaves all over it is inspired!
    I have blogged my pages this morning too xx

  3. Forgot to say, the swirly bits are engraved onto the chipboard bauble - I am nowhere near that artistic!! x

  4. No you're not disqualified babe, you can use 3 out of the 4. The biggest rule is that your images etc that you use are not pre chosen, they have to be totally random. Ha we'll have some really wierd concoctions, lol. Can't believe you did it in 15 mins though.!!!!! xx

  5. love your calendar pages for november kate. your tag is adorable, too!

  6. Love the tag - that stitching adds the perfect touch! I always look forward to seeing your calendar pages, Kate! They're so joyful!!! So sorry to hear about your sweet Geoffrey. He had a good, long and happy life! Hugs, Terri xoxo

  7. Love the tag.....great idea from Dyan....I just know I won't keep up so am not going to start, am crap at that these days! Congrats on an almost complete calendar year....I didn't keep up with that either!!

  8. Love your tag I can't believe you did it in 15mins either.
    So sorry to hear about Geoffrey I would think that was a good age for a Guinea pig, was he an indoor one.
    Can't wait to read your article in Craft Stamper, problem is I can't get out of where I live to buy one. I hate anything that restricts my life, might do a journal page on that sentiment.
    Pat xx

  9. I'm so sorry to hear about Geoffrey :(

    The page is lovely, as always. I am DEFINITELY going to join in come the new year. I am anxiously awaiting the end of several projects in the next few weeks and then I am planning on giving myself the gift of time to art journal for the holidays!! You've definitely inspired me so much!

  10. Well blow me down Kathryn I never realised it was you on page 40..... I had seen other peoples calendars on their blogs but yours in CS gave me the kickstart to start mine. Yours are fab pages.
    Great tutorial as well. Congratulations.

  11. the music branch or stanza the bird is sitting on for the tag is my favorite part. i do like how squawky happy fun your bird looks too.

  12. Love the tag and journal, haven;t got my copy of Craft Stamper yet, Friday weather permitting. The snow here is up past our knees, who decided to open the bar early tonight and enjoy a nice glass of white wine....but I've started on the 12 tags of Christmas and if I drink most of the bottle (my husband doesn't drink) it will be all wonky, lol. Hope you enjoyed your walk to school. xx

  13. love the tag Kate, and will be trying to join in next year as it has looked such great fun this year as I followed it, already have my issue as you know LOL, I am hoping to have a go at Tims twelve tags of xmas this year, might have to cancel xmas though so I have time, LOL

  14. Lovely bright coloured tag (never mind the Christmas word) and a superb finished calender !!

  15. Only found your blog a couple of months ago, but would love to join in the calendar fun for 2011. Is there an official sign -up or just post every month and link to you. Fun to hear from the UK way over here on the coast of California.

  16. Love your style Kate, so lively considering how you will be feeling towards the end of term, reading your calendar brings it all back. Oh the joy of Christmas performances!!!(take that in any way you want) RIP Geoffrey
    I am definitely up for the 2011 calendar challenge, can't stop now.

  17. You pulled that together well and I love the tag. I'm tempted to have a go with that challenge as well.

  18. Guess what????...I have finished December - just have the days as they go by to fill in!!! Are you impressed or what??? I shall blog them tomorrow...

    Sad news about Geoffrey:0(

    I saw Dy's tag challenge yesterday and was tempted...but 15 mins - it would take me at least 4 times that just to come up with the idea!!! may still do it!! Your's is fab! Kirsti xxx

  19. Oh Kate how wonderful all your creative work is.
    Your so full of imagination..
    I love your Just for fun too, brilliant.
    Love your tag too, so awesome you are.
    Have a great day. Hugs Laura. xoxx

  20. Sorry to hear about Geoffrey. Harvey our hamster is in his nineties in hamster years and I hold my breath every morning when I check in on him.

    Love the art - especailly the doll.

  21. And we need toasted crumpets in this the tag Kate! Those birds are really quirky aren't they? I've even taken to giving them a name as I cut them out! x


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