Sunday, 28 November 2010

Winter's Here!

OOOh I'm loving theses new images by Tumblefish Studios. Needless to say I altered them quite a bit, the pink hair is actually the top of a body heehee. This is a large page in my A4 Moleskine, here's a closer look:

I used a spare arm to clutch a heart which I cut from a feathered wing!

This is how it all looked before I scrawled all over it:

And I added a few extra splats and rings after I had written on it:

Now, winter has well and truly arrived in the UK; temperatures are struggling to get above zero all day and the forecasters say it's going to be like this for weeks. Been snowing hard here which may mean a day off tomorrow. Normally I would be jumping up and down with glee at the thought of a day off school (I am a teacher after all) but tomorrow is my day off anyway, WHERE'S THE FUN IN THAT?! I will feel very cheated indeed if the school is closed on my day off.

Here's a few wintry shots I took today as we went for a family walk.....

And here's my latest ugly-but-necessary-not-very-pretty-but-keep-your-toes-warm-and-dry snow boots. Fur lined = cosy toes :-) These may not be the sassiest boots I have ever owned but they may just become my most favourite boots ever.

And last but not least here is a wonderful blog award I recieved this week off both the Flutterby Crafter and Piddawinkle. Woo-hoo! Thank you ladies :-))

Attitude? Moi? I don't know where they got that idea from ;-)

OK, as part of this award I have to tell you 3 things about me that make me different from others. Hmmmmm ..........

1   Although I completely love singing (see previous posts) I have only ever sung Karaoke once, and that was in 1993. It was 'Like a Virgin' by Madonna if you really must know, and I didn't even sing it on my own, I had two friends with me.

2   I am completely IN LOVE with all members of Take That. I can't choose between them, I'll just have to have them all.

3   I never wear shoes, it's boots or sandals and nothing inbetween. I wear Birkenstocks until my toes turn ble and then I switch to my Docs.

And now I have to hand this blog award on to 5 other blogs with attitude so here goes:

1   Dyan of Art and Soul
2   Marsha of Tumblefish Studio
3   Jill of Third Age Musings
4   Laura of Creative Whispers
5   Terri of Pringle Hill Studio

Right, I'm off to snuggle in front of the fire. Byeeeeeeeeeee


  1. Funnily enough I think Kirsti would agree with number 2 she's seeing them later on this year. Boots look good.

  2. Ooh Katherine I love your Journal page. Its so vibrant even though the subject matter is serious. I have just finished my very first calendar page...double A4 size...I know, how daft is I hope to put it on my blog next week sometime. Take care and enjoy your day off. Annette x

  3. Looks gorgeous!! Sorry we have a snow day tomorrow..teehee... I am another who never wears's plimsolls and boots for me..x

  4. I've left a comment but the usual 'after approval' spiel didn't pop up so I'm leaving another - if you get two - ignore this! But I had to have my say about this post! Firstly, your boots are way cooler than my old Brashers (which DON'T keep my toes cosy!) Second of all, those photographs are stunning - particularly love the one with the berries, but also the one with the church spire is so picturesque.
    Now for the journal page...I LOVE how you've altered the Tumblefish image, inspirational as always - and the painty splatters after the writing is just great!
    Shall you be making a snowman on your day off work then? You've gotta test them boots out....

  5. Another beautiful journal page Kate... loving those images too... and gorgeous winter pics as we head into summer here in Australia...

    Jenny x

  6. Great page, loving the colours and the images. The photos are gorgeous too !!

  7. Love the journal page, and I love the way you alter images. Started snowing after 6.00 this morning and now it's so it. xx

  8. Love.. love.. love it...again..;o).

  9. Winter started here in The Netherlands too! Love it. Also love the pages. Pink and turquoiseblue may be my favorite colors (which could explain the colors in my living room ;-) )

  10. I love your photos! Your journal pages are so great!

  11. love your journal page! it's simply adorable. love your photos, too! i personally love your new boots! i'm a barefoot girl myself and never really wear shoes in the house. love to have those toes free to wiggle and not be cramped.

  12. Great post again Kate and those images are great - with no sewing machine I am working on my December calendar and huddling round the computer for warmth.
    Thanks a lot for the nomination I will ruminate on that for a while.
    Jill x

  13. Oooooo this page is utterly gorgeous, I love how you doctored the pictures.
    Fingers crossed the school is closed Tuesday for you! x

  14. Your pages just burst with color, they always make me smile.

    It is finally cold here today. Cold for us is 40's during the day. :) It was cold enough when I woke up to have a fire. It was so nice to sit with the Christmas tree lights on and a fire burning and a cup of coffee in the quiet of the early morning hours.

    Keep warm!!

  15. Fab pages! Love the berries pic! Is it a sign of age when keeping toes warm overcomes what boots look like?? LOL

  16. First things first . . . thanks for passing on the award, Kate! Second - ahhh haaa1!! I'm a Birkie girl too!!! I LOVE my sandals. When winter comes I have a heavier Birkie clog (that's ancient) and I wear them with heavy socks - even in the snow!!! Wouldn't trade them for the world!!! Love your new spread! Hugs, Terri xoxo

  17. Fabulous page Kate. Love seeing how it came together & the colours are utterly gorgeous. Fingers crossed for lots & lots of snow over night then none of us have to go to school tomorrow! Keep warm. Hugs, Gez.xx

  18. Always love your pages, you so inspire me! :)

  19. Oh poo, that's not good, school being closed on your day off :-(
    Stunning page, stunning colours :-)
    Anne xx


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