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Art Journaling DVDs 5 and 6 
DVDs 5 and 6
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DVD 5: Art Journaling: Mix up the Media
DVD 6: Art Journaling: Junk it up
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DVD 5 on you tube
DVD 6 on you tube

Art Journaling DVDs 3 and 4    
DVDs 3 and 4 
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DVDs 1 and 2
DVDs 1 and 2
Available in the UK from:

Available in the USA / Canada from:
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DVD 1: Right from a blank page

DVD 2: There are no mistakes in Art

DVDs 1 and 2 suitable for USA / Canada available from: reviews:
All of these DVDs are amazing and can teach you the best tricks for compiling an Art Journal. You can have the fabulous Kate Crane right there in front of you, wherever you live and go step by step learning the process from the gesso up. I purchased all 4 of them and love each one. Art lessons on demand!

I love Kate's style and her work. Her teaching style is beautiful and her tone is pleasant. I have learned a lot of techniques from these DVD's.

These DVDs will teach you how to start art journaling which is so popular today..... But the content is GREAT, Kate Crane is the ultimate teacher.

Loved the series and learned lots of new techniques. I thoroughly enjoyed these DVDs and would recommend them to my friends.

I love Crane's techniques, she's very good at explaining and giving step by step, examples. I already have the 1/2 and when I saw the 3/4 available I just had to buy it.
The DVD's are wonderful. Kate explains her steps in a clear and precise fashion, making it easy to recreate and/or follow along. I love that she's made these available on DVD as I'm sure I'll be referring to her techniques in years to come.
This was a good set of DVDs and Kate is an awesome teacher. It really needed a set of notes brief ones would do fine. Learning from a DVD is difficult as it requires stopping and starting the video. She has produced 2 more and I will certainly buy them.


just to say i am absolutely loving your DVDS, and your stamps i am now collecting
           it has opened up a whole new chapter of crafting for me,
           thank you so much for sharing, 
           you are the QUEEN of crafts, 
           big hugs, mayanne xx

Just want to say your DVDs are awesome - only have 1-4 and can't wait to afford 5-6 - thank you

Hello, Kate:  Just a note to let you know that I have your two newest DVDs (#5 and #6) and watched them both twice through already since I got them in February.  I so enjoyed the use of the Gelli Art Gel Plate.  I have the medium-sized one (original size) and love to play with it.  I especially liked the whole process of the junk journal--the variety of papers, pages and methods to decorate, paint and enhance them.  So much fun.  I have one of bind-it machines--and NOW I will dig it out of it's dusty corner and get to making my own bound junk journal.  You did a wonderful job on these two DVDs (as always) but you seemed relaxed and having a good time.  And, yep, I am selfish and hope that within a year or so you will another two DVDs--I learn so much and thoroughly enjoy the feeling of "looking over your shoulder" while you create!
Thank you for providing so much artistic fun and enjoyment! Marylyn

The videos are amazing! I have your entire set and I love each one! Thank you for making these, they have taught me so much about art!!!! Kat

Thanks Kate for making these wonderful dvds, I have learned so much from you! Kat

(DVDs 5 and 6) Watching Kate Crane's number 6 DVD! Loving it! So inspirational (as are the other DVDs). I want to give up work and spend my days art journalling *sigh* Sandra

(DVDs 5 and 6) I got mine very quickly and watched them already. As usual they are brilliant. Loetitia.

(DVDs 5 and 6) You make everything look good, even the messes. I like the idea of scanning the deli prints with sheet music, looks so cool. Harriett

(DVDs 5 and 6) Just to say I bought the DVDs - really inspirational, I got out my gelli plate which has been hiding in my cupboard for far too long and made some pages last night after watching the DVDs! Ruth

I just received the first two sets and spent all day in Kate Crane journal BLISS!!! These are soooo well done with tons of great information. Plus I Love listening to you talk! Kathy

Hi Kate, I have just received my order for your first 4 DVD's....I'm loving them so much and look forward to the new ones you're going to be making soon. Your DVD's are so professional and relaxing to're a very good teacher and artist. So glad to know you.

I just want to say a H U G E thank you to you - you are my delightful 'new discovery' right at the end of 2012. My partner bought me your dvds 1 and 2 for Christmas and i am hooked - hook, line and sinker :o) I never knew 'watching paint dry' could be so addictive and joyful!
I have never done any art of any kind so i am your complete newbie in the Crane Camp but i am keen to 'have a go'.
You are a very talented, creative, inspirational, calm and beautiful teacher, i look forward to playing and learning in your company in 2013......

I wanted to tell you how much I am enjoying your newest DVDs.  They are so cool!  I have the first two and love them so much I have watched both twice and still pop the first one into my DVD to pick and choose parts I want to review to try out.  
 I now know you are nervous doing these DVDs; but truely, Kate, you are so calm and so into the art work you are showing, that it is the most fun and relaxing learning DVD I've ever seen.  Keep doing these DVDs--they are wonderful.

Dear Kate
I just want to thank you for all the work you put into your dvd’s.
I live in Tasmania Australia and found your blog online bought your dvd’s from amazon and am truly inspired by your work.
What really got me was your gallery on dvd4 your journaling is exactly how i feel it was like you were just talking to me thanks for being so honest and open
Love your work

I absolutely love all 4 dvd's. The new ones are my faves. I think I have watched them 2 or 3 times each so far. Even if I don't need inspiration, I find you very calming! Watching your dvd's has sparked the passion for paint I have had since I was about 12 years old. You have brought back that feeling of being totally in love with art again. And to be honest, its helping me get through tough times. I'm sure you know what thats like. 

Hiya Kate.
Couldn't wait to tell you, I recieved your New DVD's today and have watched them already.
Kate they are fantastic.
Wow....And Wow again, I love 'em! 
Cannot wait to get started on a page.
You looked great and your teaching style is brilliant, well done you.
Thank you 
Debbie x

All credit for the hand-drawn houses goes to Kate Crane... I just got her two new Art Journaling DVD's (Bold Backgrounds and Personalized Pages) and they are AWESOME!  Her instruction is very laid back, low key and calming, and packed with lots of detail and tips. Such a great value - $29.99 for over 3 hours of instruction... can't go wrong.  Thanks for the reminders and inspiration, Kate!

Thanks Kate...I've just been enjoying your DVDs....fantastic :-) X

I just finished watching BOTH DVD's... They are absolutely AMAZING! I learned so much from these and enjoyed watching the entire process. I'm so excited to get to my art supplies and give it a go! Excellent job. 

Go and buy....already watched mine once and brilliant, as always :) 

I was lucky enough to be at the Artstamps show in Newbury yesterday and visited the Traplet stand where I bagged myself the double set of DVD's. I have spent a great 175 minutes watching them.
Thanks for sharing your ideas and techniques. Ü
I loved the first set too! 

Woooohoooo! Congratulations Kate. Can't wait to get my mitts on these. Absolutely LOVED the last ones. 

Been and ordered......seriously, you will love Kate Cranes dvd :-) are a bad person making me HAVE to spend money on your dvds that I MUST have lol.......
Hehe, love the giggley outtakes :)

Hi Kate,
I bought your new DVD’S!!! And I must tell you, they are GREAT!!! Thank you for your inspiration!!!

Watched No 3 last night.... brilliant!

I have become adicted to your artwok and dvd, thankyou for endless inspiration, you are my favorite! 

Hey I got your dvds yesterday and watched #3 last night.  It is FABULOUS!!!  SO many neat tips.  I did specifically request the blue-language one, however, and there is no cussing on this copy.  So I might have to detract one of my 10* review!

Kate Crane, I LOVE YOUR DVD'S!!!!! 

Your art journaling DVD's (3 and 4) arrived in the mail today... I couldn't stop watching them!  Your style and pace are so calming!  You may have been panicking on the inside, but truly... the end result is fantastic!  I learned a lot and I'm so glad I got them.  May have to go back and get the first two now!  Just wanted to let you know... you ROCK!

I purchased your video's (the set) and loved them and loved your blog. I found you after see in Stampington Co. magazine. I LOVE LOVE LOVE your work! I am glad to see you doing more video's count me in for an order! Laura

I purchased you DVD set and have thoroughly enjoyed both of them (a couple of times each!).  They greatly reduced my fear of the blank page, which has always been a significant obstacle to my creativity.  I also really like your presentational style.  Often, the approach to crafting-type DVDs can be irritating and I was delighted when I found that yours aren't.

I added a better picture on blog of my journal page inspired by your amazing dvd.
I love it !!!
It is like you are with me in my living room in Your dvd is so informative and I totally enjoy watching it. Everytime I watch it I learn something new. My hubby even likes to see you create your art work on your dvd and says no problem watching it with me.That is huge, he doesn't usually watch art dvd's with me. lol Thank you Kate.

Hi Kate,
A while ago I bought your DVD’s. You’re such I inspiring woman. I just want to say thank you.
Kind regards, 

I have your dvd's at last and was up till late watching them last night. Will be watching them again later today. Brilliant! I'm too far to make one of classes so your dvd's are a godsend! Thankyou and please don't stop at 2!!

I already have the DVD's and they are just FAB!!!!

I got these DVDs last week and they are AMAZING, you will love them....Well done Kate, I love ♥♥♥ them

Mine came yesterday and they're really great. Love them

..just wanted to say....DVD 's are FAB!!! On a downside, they did prevent me from ironing this morning...actually not sure if that IS a bad thing!!

Hi Kate,
Just watched the first part of your dvd and thoroughly enjoyed it! You know your style inspires me and it’s so wonderful to see you make those gorgeous backgrounds step by step. The information is so clear and useful.
I bought some journals a year or 2 ago. Made 2 or 3 pages and then didn’t get over the start with a white page anymore .. so never picked them up again, but after seeing your dvd I’m sure I will in quit a short time.
Thanks for the inspiration, already looking forward to watching part two.
Have a nice weekend 
Groetjes, Nellie

Hi Kate,
Watched the other one yesterday morning, Just HAD to see it  …. Just as fab as part one! It already inspired me, started a page yesterday and finished it of today. Have to take pics and then I’ll show it on my blog.
You don’t look nervous at all on the dvd’s , you rather look calm, talk and work at a good pace so everything can be easily heard and seen. Hope it’s going to be such a success that more will follow 
Groetjes, Nellie

DVD's still brill....had my mum transfixed in front of first one all afternoon!! In the end she said "You'll have to stop it, I need to make dinner"!!

loving your DVD's they are on at the moment in the background you are drawing around your glove, LOL. Have started a journal page inspired bu them and will blog it when its done. Superb job on the DVD's encore encore

I've just received your dvd's the other day and i really love them, made me want to go and craft.....itchy fingers lol

Hi Kate, thank you for accepting my FB friendship. I rec'd your dvd's yesterday and I am over the moon with excitement. You are an amazing teacher, and I appreciate that you took the time to make the dvds. I love that I can refer to them on my schedule and can't wait to play!

Hi Kate,
I got today your dvd set!!!  Holy Smokes Batman!!!!  It is FABULOUS!  I love, love, love every bit of these videos....most of my morning has slipped by as I have been so into watching them.  Wonderful job Kate...and you are such a natural!  And, very bold for splashing spray inks in your white shirt!!!
Wow, Kate...such a great job.  Thanks so very much for sharing your process this way!  I have learned so much!!

Hi Kate, 
well, watched the DVDs yesterday evening and thoroughly enjoyed them.
I think they are perfect for beginners, who are new to art journaling and don't know where to start. 
I love how you explain everything from choosing a book to the different pens, and paints. Very good.
I will definitely mention them on my blog with my next AJ post :)
One single thing I did not like, but nothing to do with your awesome work, is the music in the background. Very repetitive and on two DVDs, that was a bit much LOL. 
Maybe something to mention to Traplet if you make another DVD (which I hope for you)
Looking forward to seeing your work on your blog again soon, 
take care

I have just received your DVD's here in Australia have spent the last 3 days watching them over and over. I don't usually have a problem making the first mark on the page, my problem is what to do after I have done a background. It is very rare to find any information about what to do to a page after you have completed a background. It’s where I get stuck all the time (along with colour combinations). Your DVD's have shown us in depth what to use and where to go next. I do hope you continue to make more DVD’s as I am sitting here yearning for more Thank you. 
Cheers Gayle 

Hello there... I just watched DVD 1 and am so happy with it. The first one was very pleasing to watch, very calm, slow, with a bit of nice music, all a girl needs to have a good friday afternoon.
I will let you know how the second one is when I get it.
Well done for making the DVD's, they are made really well. Thanks for having recorded so we can watch it over and over according to needs.

Love those colors especially since I got YOUR DVDs!!! Super fab girlie!

 Hi Kate,
My name is Kimberly(from Austin, Texas) and I purchased your DVD's and received them last week.  I just wanted to drop you a line and tell you what I thought about them.  I have taken several on-line classes(from some of the best visual journalist out there).  The classes were good, but I still was stuck and not sure where or why.  The BIGGEST thing that I am taking away from your teaching is THE COLOR WHEEL!  with my own paints!  This was/is a huge 'ah haa' moment for me.  I know this probably sounds so simple, but true.  You said in the video about buying color wheels in the store, but it still doesn't show how your colors work together.  I just NEVER thought about that.  I made 4 large tags(front and back) with all my paints.  It has been so use-full and I think for the first time I understand color! 
 Anyhow, thanks for putting these videos together, I have truly enjoyed them.  I feel 'un-blocked' now.
Best wishes,

Fabulous Kate,
I have to tell you how much I have enjoyed your DVD's.One of my favorite parts is when you journal about yourself,it was so real. I just adore your attutide and voice is so calming to listen too. I have watched you while I am creating and it is like you are right by my side. You have something so special and so glad you are my friend.
Great success and Big Hugs Laura. xoxx
Great challenge,Stampotique it so rule's..LOL
Have a great weekend, again adore your DVD's, Go Clever Kate !!!! : ) You have shared so much creative soul,love it . Happy creating.. Girlfriend your awesome. Sometimes I don't feel like a grown up either, truth be known. Sadly yes a grown up but not at heart. I give your DVD's....
A +++++++++++++++ and more.

I know you are on holiday with your children and won’t be checking your emails, but I had towrite NOW…..
A few minutes ago I completed watching #2 video and I have to say……….OMG!!!! OMG!!! OMG!!!
YOU did yourself PROUD…………the video set is W.O.N.D.E.R.F.U.L.
I loved EVERYTHING about it!  Your voice and accent are to die for…….the fact that you did NOT hurry……..I like that you are so on point and everything has to be just so…..your journal is pleasant to look at….whereas I’ve seen some that are such a mumble jumble that the poor old eyes do not know where to focus!
The colors are OUTSTANDING………your techniques are AWESOME and make it simple for most anyone to try their hand with bottle caps and sequin waste……..all sorts of bits and bobs………

Her calm lyrical voice will lure you into a relaxed beautiful approach to journaling, an approach that can be applied to all types of collage and mixed media work that takes you from the very start to a satisfying end. Truly this is THE best "How To" I've ever seen.

I bought your dvd's a few weeks ago and I just wanted to say thank you. I have wanted to have a go at art journaling for a while but was a bit scared as it seemed a bit beyond me and I wasn't sure how to go about it, but your dvd's have been a great help and also your blog. I am having great fun creating pages and I'm not worrying if I am doing it right or not, It's just for me and as long as I am happy with it it's ok.  I also find it a great way of relieving stress.  Sorry for rambling on, I just wanted to say thanks.
best wishes,  Dianne

From Dianne’s blog:
I have been interested in art journaling for a little while, but didn't have a clue how to go about starting. I surfed the web looking at blogs but it seemed a bit over my head. I eventually got around to buying a couple of books on the subject.  I then saw two dvds on art journaling by Kate Crane and bought them and it was the best thing I did. I went out and bought loads of stuff to make a start on my own journal. I went a bit OTT, but it doesn't go off does it! I bought paint, inks, masks stamps etc. Also went through all my stuff in my craft room and found loads of things that were suitable for my new adventure. I have also found some great blogs for inspiration and techniques as well as Kate's.

Taken from Carin’s blog:
Not surprisingly, since I love Kate's style, I really enjoyed these dvds.I think it's fair to say they are mainly aimed at beginners, but there's still plenty for the more experienced art journaler to enjoy. I certainly picked up a good few ideas, especially on layering, which Kate is great at. I applied some of those in the pages I posted last week and absolutely love the result.
I love that the dvds are shot in real time. It gives the viewer a real sense of how much you can accomplish in a short space of time. I also love that the dvds for the most part are shot over Kate's shoulder since that makes it so much more interactive. You really feel like you are a part of making the pages and take onboard the techniques a lot quicker.
Knowing colour theory already, I didn't think I'd get much out of that section. Colour theory is colour theory, right?! Wrong! Kate shows it from the perspective of getting the most out of YOUR paints (whatever type and brand that is), so they blend well and work well for you. I for one think my pages are better for it.
(Don't be surprised if you run out and order a whole host of dylusions products after seeing them in action though...)
The DVD showing how Kate integrates collage materials, stamps and ephemera onto her pages so they really blend in and look like they belong there was also very inspiring.
The only real downside to the dvds is the sound- it's very low, so you have to really jack up the volume.
 But all in all, they are both great dvds.

Hello Kathryn,
I am an  avid follower of your blog and love your work.  I also go over to see Dyan's blog and it appears as if you all have a lot of fun at Art for the Heart.
I just want to say thank you so much for your dvd. I have found it so useful.  You are a good teacher.  I have created journal pages and canvas art inspired by your methods of creating backgrounds.  I live in Spain so it's difficult for me to attend the classes....But I continue to enjoy reading about them. 
Kind regards

Hi Kate,
 I just have to thank you again for your wonderful dvd’s and the inspiration you provide for me on art journaling! You really got me started againJ This weekend I watched the dvd’s again and it inspired me (as did the colourcombination on one of your pages) to make a page I just posted on my blog.
Groetjes, Nellie